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  1. Well, I will tell you how I ultimately fix this case. My personal case was actually different. But for my dad I had him delete any Lavasoft folders (directories) and use CCleaner to cleanup anything left behind. No doubt CCleaner is going to see missing files so it's going to want to clean up unrelated files or registry entries. We could not get it uninstalled from Add/Remove Programs. Only Personal SE Edition showed in Add/Remove and not the 2007 Edition. Even though the installed desktop icon was for 2007. When he tried to run Lavasoft he did so from the desktop icon and got the orginal error of "1810" or whatever. To be clear here I had him delete all 2007 and Personal Edition folders, etc. Then we downloaded the latest version of 2007 and installed it. This is the short version all though it was a bigger process. My dad isn't very computer savvy and when you're trying to help over the phone long distance the problem is more pronounced. So you know we did use the Microsoft Windows Install Cleanup Utility but no Lavasoft program was ever listed. We looked for varied names and found nothing.
  2. I found a way to make it work but it wasn't through the normal add/remove applications protocol.
  3. Anyone having any luck fixing the 1810 error problem? My dad upgraded not too long ago and is getting this error and there is nothing listed for Adaware in Services.msc. He ran the 2007 install as an upgrade instead of uninstalling Personal SE (which, through personal experience with Lavasoft is not a good idea). Did anyone else in this thread upgrade instead of uninstalling and then installing 2007?
  4. We ran CCleaner and we still have the same problem. He now mentions that when he went to upgrade that he was actually not asked to uninstall Personal SE Edition but continued on with the 2007 install. It sounds like both are on his PC but obviously there's corruption as he cannot run either 2007 or SE nor can he uninstall anything.
  5. Raziel, As I stated previously: I had him run services.msc to see if Lavasoft/AdAware was listed and to see if it's running. He says he cannot find it or any variable listed. So we've done this already. Also, as for your other idea I can have him install CCleaner and run it. This "may" help although it didn't help me when I had a very similar issue. But we'll give it a try.
  6. Trying to help my father in another state with this. Here's the scoop: He had Lavasoft Personal SE edition installed He downloaded Lavasoft 2007 He went to install 2007 and apparently it found the Personal SE install and asked to uninstall it before installing 2007, he said "yes" Now when he double clicks the 2007 desktop icon he gets an error The error message is something like: "error 1810 has occurred, the service is not online" I had him check to see what was listed in Add/Remove Programs Only the Personal SE edition is listed (odd) I had him try to uninstall it and he got some other error I had him download and run the Microsoft Install Clean Up Utility and he tells me he sees no Lavasoft software, or variable, installed (odd) I had him run services.msc to see if Lavasoft/AdAware was listed and to see if it's running. He says he cannot find it or any variable listed I think that covers it. Not sure what else to do as we cannot uninstall and start over, no service to stop/restart. Not sure the "upgrade" went as it should. Nothing is listed in the Clean Up Utility which I find odd. He likes the software and would like to get it working. He is 75 and seems quite sharp so he may be missing something but I don't think so. Any ideas??
  7. For anyone following this thread. It appears that using the Windows Install Cleanup Utility will do the trick. Here's something that was not clear. When I run this Utility it does not list anything from Lavasoft or Adaware. It did however list I decided to remove this and now I can install Lavasoft. This may also fix a long running issue with getting iTunes reinstalled as there was listed. I did not know these items were necessarily associated with either Lavasoft or iTunes. iTunes remains to be seen yet but I have hope.
  8. I'm stuck. I've downloaded from reputable sites in past weeks and still no luck.
  9. The install file was saved to the Desktop and installed to drive D. I have not been able to find the file it's looking for through a search either. I just downloaded Lavasoft again and tried running the install on drive C (although, in my opinion, I shouldn't matter which drive) and I received the same error.
  10. In addition to this error: I haven't been back to deal with this in a little while. I decided to try installing again. At the point you see in the photo I hit cancel (only real option). Two other messages come up on the screen when I wait: 1) Updating system:enter license information 2) Then another pops up that says: Installer information - Install error 2753. AAWLic.exe At this point I have to hit OK on #2 above and then another message pops up stating: Fatal Error - Installation ended prematurely because of an error. OK is the only option and then it ends.
  11. That is correct and that is exactly what I did. Still have the problem.
  12. Spike, I often save things to my Desktop (c:). But I was installing Lavasoft to drive d:.
  13. Anyone have ideas how to fix this so I can use Lavasoft AdAware?
  14. I'm a little concerned now as I downloaded and ran the WICU. It stated it uninstalled the cleanup utility NOT installed it. There is nothing on the Program list to run now either. Did I just make my problem worse? Update: odd that what I described above happened. I found the WICU utility elsewhere. Lavasoft Adaware is not listed and I do not have any of these folders listed either. Not sure what to do at this point is I still have the same issue. As for the ccleaner option listed: this is not of any help either. CCleaner does not list Lavasoft either.