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  1. Bugger this for a game of soldiers! I have treid everything I can think of including the forums to get this damned thing to work without success. Turning off the Anti-Virus and Firewall did nothing! I have tried and tried and tried to get some info to and from Lavasoft but to no avail. This b****r is going in the bin now. Why make what was a good programme so bloody awful that you have to have a damned great forum to correcct what you have b*****d up in the first place. Just give back the money I paid for a programme that will never work! You have my email addy and I can give you the address to send the money to. Regards gordon
  2. Still very buggy and have dumped it for the time being and reinstalled the Se Plus from the disc I received. Worked OK to start with then the Ad- Watch began playing around with registry items so disabled that function. At the next start-up Ad-Aware would not scan nor update and had to do a restore due to Ad Watch b******g up the registry and had to do a "repair" of Ad-Aware2007. It also seems a bit bloated at 17mb as opposed to NOD 32 at 11mb or so. Can't say I'm impressed so far and will continue to use SE Plus till the bugs are ironed out of 2007 model. I can't see how this beast was allowed to be released after all the hype and so called testing that was supposed to have been done, it should have been squeaky clean. I will keep a track of the posts here and when the bugs are eventually ironed out will re-install it and try again.