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  1. Ok, thanx. I did read how it could be disabled but to be honest I don not trust a service from a program like this that only can be disabled through this procedure. Even worse, when trying to stop it through the Task Manager, it will stop but start again after a few seconds by itself. Totally unacceptable and unexplained behaviour of this software. Furthermore I don't trust it since nowhere the Lavasoft team is explaining what this service is ... not in here and not in the Help of the program itself. Not saying that it is spyware or something like that ... but I don't trust it because of the above.
  2. Eh ... no? It still does not explain why that service is running in the background when AAW is not used ... in my case I use it once every 2 weeks and in those 2 weeks of not using AAW, aawservice.exe is running. I can understand that if is running when spyware is detected and I am notified by that service. But that is not the case with AAW Free: it's running and when spyware is installed/implanted, aawservice.exe will not notify me ... Menno
  3. Okay, I did read it ... but still not clear why it has to run? I mean, the free version can not run AdWatch .. which I assume is the service running in the background?
  4. aawservice.exe ... always running in the background. But nowhere it is explained (clearly) what it is or does, not in the Help of the program itself nor on this board.. I never gave permission to AdAware 2008 Free to run something ... I use it as stand alone service every 2 weeks or so. So I don't see any reason why this is running in the background? To be honest, it only raises questions on if it is harmless since it seems to have no use? Menno
  5. I too think it's strange ... the Free Version doesn't make use of that part, yet that freakin aawservice just can't be stopped. It's the ONLY software I have where the exe restarts itself after being closed in the TaskManager Why keep it loaded when it's not used? Is it to irritate the free users so much so they will upgrade to Pro? I for one did stop using AdAware 2007 for this stuff ....
  6. Thanx for that info ... cause that info is no where to be found. Maybe a tip to put that info as a txt file in the ZIP or mention it on the site? Cause now there is only the download of that core.aawdef file and nobody knows what to do with it. Menno Edit: well, that is not working. I donwloaded the latest def file for AdAware 2007, did place (and overwrite) it in the folder you said ... but running AdAware then and it still is showing that version 0003.0001 is used instead of 0006 that I just downloaded and replaced? Ok, did a complete fresh install of AdAware 2007. But it's still not working. It will still not read the downloaded def file. It now stated that I have version 0002.0000 (that's from the fresh install, but it will not read the newest file that I did place in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\ .....
  7. Same problem over here. I get that error and then the message that I should run WebUpdate within in AdAware ... but I can't because that button is grey/not active. So I did a manual download of the latest def file from the site ... but there are no instructions on how to used that file. That file is "core.aawdef" .... but what to do with it? Maybe a little tip to insert a readme inside the ZIP file so people then can see what to do with that def file? Or make a note on the site itself on what to do next? AdAware 2007 Windows XP Home SR2 Dutch version Menno The Netherlands Just did a fresh install to the latest version of AdAware,, but the same problem is still there. I did however did find out what to do with the "core.aawdef" file and that is to place it in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007\, overwriting the version allready there ... but, it's of no use since AdAware is not seeing that and still is showing the old def file ....