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  1. I am having problems with 8.1.3. When I installed the programme it set four update schediules times. However none of them seem to work wether the computer is running or is hibernated. I check the properties of the schedules and find that the "Run only if logged in" box is unticked, the "Enable" box is ticked and the "Wake the computer to run this task" is unticked. If I tick the unticked boxes, which make them the same as other scheduled tasks I have set up for other programmes that work OX, then the ticks do not stick and the scheduled updates don't run. I queried this with Lavasoft a month or so ago and was told it was a known problem and they were trying to fix it. I then asked again yesterday to see if it had been fixed I got a very short reply telling me it was a Microsoft problem and thay couldn't help me. If it were a Microsoft problem why do other programmes, with exactly the same schedule setup, wake up from hibernation and do their thing.
  2. Why do I have to restart my computer in order to delete cookies found during a scan?
  3. Since upgrading to AdAware 2007 Pro my computer wont go into standby. If, through Windows Services, I stop AdAware 2007 Service aawservice.exe all is well. I have to disable the service as it restarts on the reboot/awake. If I do this I can no longer start AdAware. Do I have to choose between using AdAware v7 and being able to use standby/hibernate? If so I might as well revert to my previous edition of AdAware. I have a Firewall with Anti-Virus/AntiSpyware software installed.