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  1. OK, Tobias. I installed v and ran Smart Scan. Error: 6000 again at about 30 sec., scanning registry.
  2. For LS Tobias: Error: 6000 again. Per your request, here are the specifics: Smart Scan no open programs stopped at 1:35 section being scanned: Hosts file security programs installed: WIN Defender, AVG AntiSpyware, AVG Anti-Virus, Spyware Blaster OS: WIN XP sp2 Ad-Aware v FREE Hope this helps all of us....
  3. I'm back, unfortunately. My latest attempt to run AA '07 got another Error: 6000. This time it stopped while scanning my Hosts file, item (William Lu STANDARDSHELLS). What's with this new Ad-Aware? Ad-Aware SE ran fine. Based on other user comments, is there a Bug that needs fixing? Help, please.
  4. Thanks for the reply, Tobias. I just ran another Smart Scan and wouldn't you know it... everything ran just fine! My previous two scans shut down in under 2 minutes with the ERROR msg. For the record: WIN XP Firefox v2.0.0.4, and IE 7 Windows Defender, AVG AV and AS SpywareBlaster I did notice that Windows popped up a window telling me my Virtual Memory was low and that it was reallocating resources. Could that have made a difference? I'm not sure all is well for sure, I'll run another scan later and see, but for now... Is there anything I should do or be on the watch for in the meantime? Thomas
  5. I have used v for a week or so without incident. Now my Smart Scan runs only briefly before I get "Error: 6000 has occurred. Description: Lost connectivity with Ad-Aware Service. Terminating gracefully..." Can someone please explain what's happening and how to resolve? I am not an advanced user.