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  1. Hi, Tobias- Yes indeed, and I've gotten the automated replies but nothing else in 7 days. What I'm annoyed about is that the failure to accept the registration/serial number is a long standing problem now with many people around the world. I've recommended Ad-Aware for many years, I've done my share towards their financial success. The lack of timely response to a registration problem amounts to hijacking of funds used for payment against the buyer's informed consent; an involuntary interest free loan at the very least. Maybe that's legal in Sweden, home of Lavasoft, but it's not in the USA. Regardless of legalities, it's a big hit to the Lavasoft reputation. One might expect program bugs in a new product version, but that has little or nothing to do with timely product support when someone doesn't get what they paid for -- that's a purposeful human inaction, not a program bug. I can still do a chargeback, I think USA law gives me up to 30 days to contest the payment with a credit card. Getting a refund is not the issue. A historically reputable company that is acting, imho, quite non reputably by continuing to accept orders without notice to the buyer up front that there might be weeks or months of delay before a working registration serial number or a non-chargeback initiated refund is provided, is what might very well be considered intentional fraud by laws in many countries. Even in Sweden, I bet, home of Lavasoft. A buyer is always entitled to be informed of known issues that might prevent or severely delay delivery of what is being paid for. Looking at the dates of the posts in this forum, that issue has been known of and yet it remains uncorrected for many weeks. That's intentional. I don't think it legal or ethical, and it's hurting people. If only in the USA, I want sales of Ad-Aware 2007 versions stopped immediately until all related serial number/registration/sales issues are resolved. Lavasoft should have already done that, voluntarily. RGME
  2. I'm having the same problem as everyone else in this forum. I've a good friend who's an attorney, and I'm about to pay for him to get what I got (or, more precisely, for him to get what got deducted from my bank but does not work). If it does not install, he'll have a gleam in his eye after reading up. I'm thinking class action. Has anyone started a lawsuit yet? If not, I think next Wednesday I'll be contacting my attorney friend... much better than a refund! Oh. I think my last post got deleted, maybe because I was a bit indignant - but I did not use bad language, nor threaten beyond a possible chargeback. This time I've made a screen capture, for evidence. More fodder, if this post gets removed. I don't really care that much about the money for something not (yet) received. I care that the problem has, via posts in this forum, obviously existed for a long time and there is no warning to the potential buyer and no apparent solution. But they keep taking money regardless. Existing posts could be considered legal evidence and it might be illegal to delete them without very good cause that could be shown to a court of law (hard copy of what got deleted). Maybe this problem might qualify as "bait and switch", or something similar in legal terms. I might be finding out next Wednesday. Depends on what Lavasoft has done for me (and others) by then. I'm not joking. RGME
  3. Oh, I found the email address to send registration problem info to, it's the near last line in the email sent back afer the purchase. Following the line that says to type in, don't copy & paste, the registration key (which doesn't work for me either).
  4. How does one find out where to send that email to when the brand new product won't accept the serial number? What's that email address?
  5. Thanks for the info, but it is inaccurate. Tobias, the following is not directed at you or the forum members. It is directed at Lavasoft since I can not get into the support forum. ============================ Well, I just purchased by credit card a 3-year license for Ad-Aware 2007 Pro. It was very expensive. But I can not register it with the serial number I have on file from Lavasoft. Because I can't register, I can not submit a report about it. This is not going to last long, if I can not register it by 8pm Pacific Time then I'm putting a reversal on the credit card charge and I will uninstall and never use Lavasoft products again (I would not be able to trust a product to do things to my computer if the system can not be programmed properly to accept the serial number). So, that's it. Fix it or I'm going to my bank and contest the authorized $67.92 tonight. Lavasoft, you have 9 hours. Lavasoft, you should have informed me BEFORE the purchase that there might be registration problems, not afterwards!