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  1. OK, found that, but all it says is this: REFUND POLICY Lavasoft AB will refund the full price of the Software if the Software is damaged or defective, and only if you notify Lavasoft AB of the refund request within fourteen (14) days of the date you purchased the Software. No idea how I'm supposed to do that. I filled out an online sales question and submitted that... hope that was correct.
  2. Is there no official way to get a refund from Lavasoft? Reputable companies stand behind their products and always offer a simple way of getting a refund within a certain time period. Does Lavasoft do this? I've been searching their web site and haven't found the link yet.
  3. I installed the software and registered it with Windows user "whale". Once I got past the registering hurdle, it seemed to work. Then, when wifeofwhale logs into computer, there's no icon for AdWatch in the lower right corner. Double clicking the AdWatch icon on the desktop does nothing (no GUI indication of anything going on). It'll let me run AdAware, but it thinks it is still unregistered and it also expects me to "start" AdWatch with that start button. I try to register it in wifeofwhale account and it says it is invalid. I would have expected any modern software like this to run system-wide and not be dependent on things such as what user is logged in. I would expect to see the following kinds of behavior: - Do one install/register. No matter who logs in, see icon in lower right of task bar. - Install have option to automatically do it for all users, or just the current user. If this option doesn't exist, I'd expect it to install and work fine for all users by default. - It needs to be clear whether changing settings changes it system-wide or just for the current user. I can't tell what the intent is here. I honestly don't expect things like this to be resolved, and I'm already annoyed enough as it is. I'm getting a refund.
  4. I get a similar problem, but what's happening is that it only loads for the first user that logs in. I run XP, and both my wife and I can remain logged in at the same time. Whoever logs in second is screwed.
  5. OK, got the serial #. For future reference, I HIGHLY recommend that you let people know when they place the order approximately how long the delay may be before they get the serial #. Your web site did say we'd get the emails "immediately", and sure enough not one, not two but three emails immediately arrive. None of them containing the info we actually care about. And those emails are a bit lengthy and take some time to pick through to see if the serial # is somewhere hidden in there, only to then find in this forum that it's not really in there. This is really annoying and no way to organize your purchasing system. Even better would be to fix your system so there is very little delay between ordering and getting the necessary info. But as a stop-gap measure, letting people know how it works WHEN THEY ORDER (or at least in one of the emails that you send out right away) would go a long way. (Or maybe not... maybe you like receiving lots of confused emails wondering how to register the software? Seems like a waste of your time though.)
  6. No it wasn't solved! I just purchased AdAware 2007 Pro with email delivery. I got 3 emails, with subjects like this: - The user data you requested - Payment information (element 5 Order no. xxxxxx) - Download Link for "Ad-Aware 2007 Plus ..." None of these 3 emails contains anything that looks like a serial number so that I can register the software. Just for kicks, I tried the order number and any other number I could find. One of the 3 emails says: "IMPORTANT: Please note your registration serial number will be sent in a separate email from Lavasoft. Registration instructions and support centre login details will also be included in this email." Is the "separate email" one of the other 2 emails? Doesn't look like it. I'm rather pissed; this is ridiculous. I'm going to go run some errands and in 3 hours or so if this isn't resolved, I'm going to request a refund and also write some scathing reviews on amazon.com, cnet.com and other popular review places. Many of the reviews I read warned about terrible customer service... I'm starting to see what they mean -- can't even activate a purchased product!