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  1. i baught this camera called dual function minicam 100k and my disk is lost plz can sumbody help me find drivers for my camera plz thank u LT.KoopaTroopa
  2. thank you so much for your help your the best thank you
  3. thank you so much my pc is alot better thanks my windows is back to normal thnx soo much
  4. that dident chang a thing i did a safe mode with command prompt and i typed in %systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe and restored it to an earlier time and it is the same i click on sumthing and it says "cannot open file" plz can u help me
  5. i cant open wordpad a cnt do anything apart from open mozzila firefox a cnt install anything not a single thing beacause the install package is corrupted as in the file is a .exe .Lnk file and nothin works and when i download sumfing it says the same "the file is corrupted" browse internet for the file or open it with one ov my programs plz try and help
  6. It downloads but its jst the same "cannot open file". And adware se personal a cant evan open it or install it again because i cant open any files or anything all i can do is go on mozzila firefox and thats it please help me a really wnt my P.C back to normal without reebooting it and losing all my files
  7. I did follow ur instructions and nothing is working i cant evan install anything my registry wont open this files from i downloaded them all and it neva worked but am starting to think its because of my windows because it is called windows nemesis 4 titan edition plz post ur reply because a am relly wanting to fix my pc because i have files i need on here plz hlp
  8. adware watch says a registry modification you want to accept it or decline it and beside accept theres a little box that says auto and so i ticked it and it counted up to 57 and now none of my programs work i cant system restore i cant do anythin apart from goin on the internet i have tried clickin on run and typin "regedit" and dat dont work either plz can any1 hlp
  9. every 1 ov my files are corrupt all my Cdrive Flies are not working i cant install anything or go into my registry all i can do is go on mozzila firefox and thats it please can u help me
  10. when i loaded up my pc. adware se loaded up and came up sayin corrupt file so i clicked on the little box beside accept and now my pc is wiered no programs will open. I cnt install anythin and i cant open anythin. (((and i have been tryin to fix it and its not working evry file i save from the internet wont work because it is a .exe or .Lnk file.))) and i try going into Start then Run and i type "regedit" or "cmd" and it says the same {{Windows cannot open this file)) please any1 can u help me please i will be most thankfull p.s thanks anyways if u cant help me
  11. Look at the bottom of page there is my reply