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  1. At least yours works!! Mine wont register, and Ad Watch freezes with a run time error And this is the paid version. The free version worked flawlessly
  2. Yes they answered my email eventually and told me to uninstall and reinstall latest version. I have done that, but now when I try to register, it says my serial number is invalid, so I am not registered (even though I outlayed A$47) I emailed them 3 or 4 days ago to see what is happening....and still have no reply. Ad Watch runs now for about 2 minutes, then I get a run-time error and it freezes. Very poor service for paying customers :-( Mal
  3. Still no reply from Tech help....How I wish I had not purchased the Pluis version....all was working fine until I outlaid my they aren't even replying to my cries for help.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I wrote to Tech help....hopefully they will fix the problem Mal
  5. Does anyone from Lavasoft support monitor these forums???? I'm really annoyed about this. In the free edition Ad-watch worked perfectly. After forking out A$47 to get the paid version of Ad-Aware Plus, I now get the error message "Ad-watch is only available in Plus and Pro versions". I JUST PURCHASED THE PLUS VERSION!! I have updated the software and registered it. PLEASE LAVASOFT LOOK AFTER YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS AND AT LEAST REPLY OR GIVE ME A REFUND
  6. I just purchased Ad-Aware 2007 Plus Edition, and have registered it and done all software updates. When I try to open Ad-Watch, it says that Ad-watch is only available in Plus and Pro versions. I have the Plus version, (and it says this in the lower left hand corner of the main page.) I have closed and opened Ad-Aware 2007 plus, but still I get this error message that Ad-Watch is only available in Plus or Pro, even though I have the Plus version Help please