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  1. I cannot register the product until now. Have tried so many times with the instructions sent by SupportCenter. Just wonder how long it's gonna take. Wait until my license is expired?
  2. I just want to add my problem in the list too. I baught so many licenses of Ad-Aware SE Plus for my company on May. After installing and using for couple of weeks. The automatic update doesn't work anymore. I tried so many time to login to customer support but it doesn't work and display the same message that you guys have. Moreover, I did call to the Lavasoft company but didn't reach either. I'm now realize that I'm not the only customer who has this problem. Spike, I know you try to help us by suggesting login to customer support to get help. But how can we get help if we can't even login to your system or simply use the phone call? If possible, please pass this to your customer support directly (I guess you are one of the team). Any response would be really appreciate.