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  1. Just wondering if I can delete the desktop icon of Ad-Watch because I have a freeware program of Ad-aware 2007. I was trying to delete the icon but the message came up and mentioned that I should remove in Add/Remove Program. I am afraid that there isn't one to remove so will that be safe to delete the icon of Ad-watch from the desktop? Your reply would be appreciated. Thank you, John P. Mackay Belleville, ON Canada eh?
  2. Tobias -- I want to say thank you for your time to reply but unfortunately I can't put the file in the folder that you suggested. I will explain below how far I goes with the file. First of all I am online to networking with DLink router from the other computer which is main. I am not sure about the firewall program and all I know that my son setup the firewall program through DLink. So I can't say anymore about this. Second of all about the file where I should put in. C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\????? I don't see the folder which call " Application Data " and here are what I have four different folders below: Desktop Shared Documents Start Menu Templates Will wait to hear again from you about this. Thank you for your patience with me John P. Mackay, Belleville, ON Canada
  3. I had a free program of Lavasoft Ad-aware 2007 in my computer for three weeks so far yesterday and this morning trying to run the update of this program. Unfortunately there is a problem with this program. Look below what the message have said: Update SSL DOWNLOAD FAILED Suggestion Action Run Webupdate Yes I did run the Webupdate manually and still got the same message above. Not sure what to do with this program?? Anyway I tried to download one file from the site of Lavasoft. But I am not sure where to unzip this file into what folder of Lavasoft Ad-aware 2007. The file was from yesterday and called " 0007.0000 " Will wait to see what is the best suggestion with this program to fix the problem?? Thank you, John P. Mackay Belleville, ON Canada