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  1. Hi! Thank you, but i allready remove it! I´m quite sure that was a trojan. I Removed it by windows defender which found it. My computer works fine and i hope that keep it that way That trojan can change name so i must be aware and monitor my computer behavior. Thanks!
  2. I found this: C:\WINDOWS\system32\grwinsthlp.exe ... what is that, trojan? Can i remove it?? Ad-Aware 2007 does not found it
  3. Hello! My Ad-Aware 2007 FREE does NOT check updates at startup or before scanning. (I have all nessesary marks cheked) And log files agree with me,no mark of updates at all...? Only if manually update.
  4. Hi! Thanks but why log files dont say anything about automatic updates/updates? There is mark of updates only when i hit update button manually.
  5. Hi all! Can someone tell me what Automatic Updates means Ad-Aware 2007 Free Version. I dont know, because i have not that function altought there is green check mark in the system protectin status window. And it says: automatic update: on ???
  6. Hi! Last update was 11.7.2007,3 days ago. I think that 17.7.2007 program thinks that definitios are old if there are not new update before that. You have now set it 5 days, and if it goes over that (11.7-17.7=over 5 days) it may show you again that red x information. I dont know but maybe..?
  7. Maybe program thought that definitions are old? I have set it 6 days,works fine. Have you tried other like 5 or 8 day setting? If i set it now 3 day,i get same red information box.
  8. Thank you! Finally someone answered my question Now i waiting response those popup questions
  9. What can i do? Ad-Aware 2007 Free does not check updates automaticly,maybe i give up and let it be like it is(manual checking always) or maybe i must have peace of my mind and try to solve this update problem,but how?
  10. Hi! I am really very sure that it don´t check updates automatically on startup,only if i hit the update button then it check. And i have cheked logs many times but there is not any information automatic updating. And i have uninstalled and installed,but no effect..
  11. Hello! It does not check updates automaticly on startup. I have all required options marked and still not, only manual. And update log files dont show any automatic update information. Can i be so wrong...?
  12. Hello! I´m new here, so maybe i ask stupid questions, forgive me :o Is there in Ad-Aware Free that kind automatic update function when started ad-aware it checks updates automaticly and it informs you that?? I don`t, or it`s not work like it should. It works fine when i hit update button manually and pop-up inform me if there is updates available... And log files don´t say anything about Automatic Updatings. Thank you and sorry my bad english