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  1. I do press save..but it always resets after I restart the program.
  2. Every time I change the settings to help things run better (the default settings make the program unusable), the program ALWAYS changes them back to default. Is there a way to fix this? I've had this problem many times, posted about it before, and got no response. That is NOT good, Lavasoft. -_- Can someone help this time around? Thanks.
  3. I finally got AA2007 to work (without help from here, might I add...my topic got ignored, it seems), however it DOES scan my Seagate external drive, maybe they just hate that particular drive?
  4. When I try to change my settings when I first install and start the program, it's all good. Then restart the program and all the settings have been reversed and I'm told that it's for Plus or Pro only. I'm not paying for this product (it's not worth it), so why is it teasing me with the BASIC features then taking them away?
  5. I'm trying to get A-Aware 2007 to update, I'm still having this problem. I think I'll just go back to SE...
  6. The program no longer will update at all, I can't get it to Auto-Update or even manually... Can someone help? Thanks.
  7. Sorry for the slow reply, but yes, I am running Also, the program will crash while trying to update as well.
  8. This has happened to me twice now, the program continues to crash when I try to clear the system of problems. I am running Windows XP, Service Pack 2. The error I receive is: "An error has occurred in Ad-Aware 2007! Component: TVirtualStringTree Message: Access violation at address 0053650A in module 'Ad-Aware 2007.exe'. Read of address 0000000D." I have a picture of this error via screencapture if anyone would like to see. Thank you.