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  1. I am in the same situation as you having purchased lifetime upgrades on AdAware 6 Professional and getting shafted because they call this new version a new program. And I also received the same canned e-mail response. :angry: :angry: I'm not going to even bother installing 2007 and I encourage everyone who has been similarly messed around with to search out other alternates and scrap AdAware completly :angry: :angry:
  2. The problem with this is the inability of LavaSoft to get us any serial numbers in the first place
  3. There was another thread on serial number issues that were not resolved ( But "someone" moved it to the resolved/inactive directory and made it read only. It certainly has not been resolved and as can be seen by this new thread should not be inactive. It seems to me that someone is trying to hide embarrassing facts from the general public. :angry:
  4. Your lucky. My contacts to customer support have resulted in zero responses. If I don't get a usable response soon I think it may be time for me to scrape Ad-Aware and look at ZoneAlarm Pro's spyware blocking.
  5. This is what I see under my lic details. From my perspective I'm licenced for SE Pro as I have not requested any upgrade yet so where is my upgrade and serial number request links.
  6. Like "repl1ca" I also registered just to reply to this topic. I've logged onto support centre which says I'm already licenced for 2007 Pro with 1 year of upgrades so there are no buttons to get a new serial. However I'm still using SE Pro as a long time user with lifetime upgrades and have never received a 2007 serial previously.