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  1. I'm getting the same as post #33. Only I have SE Plus. Purchased it 4 weeks ago. Can't get serial #, no links , followed all instructions to dead ends. Even went to see about upgrades, typed in my email message comes back that I don't qualify for upgrades, what's with that. : So question is I'm told at the website I'm entitled to upgrade . So why can I not upgrade. When I first did the upgrade , open AA it showed me that it was the pro version , then it went to the free vesion . Uninstalled 2007 went back to my paid for version and started looking for something else. Oh and before somebody tells me to contact support, don't , already have and no reply.
  2. I also in same boat. Bought my copy 3 weeks ago in a store, upgraded to 2007, followed instructions , nothing. Go to license info no link to get serial number. :angry: :angry: