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  1. cressy. Sorry about responding so late but I had to visit a friend in need, who has no computer. Anyway, thanks for your help up to this point. It gave me somethings to try, to solve a problem. I will be going to tech support and see what they have to say about my condition. Thank You Rod-O-Matic
  2. cressy Another day another problem. Used Revo (nice app), it solved the McAfee problem, solved the Security Center (icon) problem. After installing Ad-Aware, with no hangups, I proceeded to configure it. At the Ad-Watch Live screen it indicated the the 'Files' protection was turned off. At the settings screen, the 'Files Protection' module had a check mark. I unchecked it and then re-checked it, selected OK. Ad-Watch Live still indicated 'Off'. The 'Download Manager' still indicates that it cannot connect. As a side thought, after uninstalling Ad-Aware and then using Revo in the 'Forced Uninstall' and searching under the names of 'Ad-Aware and Lavasoft' there seemed to be a few things left over from previous (?) installs/uninstalls. Some Ad-Aware 7 and Ad-Aware 7.0.7, etc. Should I have removed these leftovers ? I do not have a problem with uninstalling Ad-Aware again, removing those leftovers and re-installing Ad-Aware. You mentioned contacting 'Support'. Is that what I should be doing instead of bothering you? Appreciate your help so far. Later Rod-O-Matic
  3. cressy. I spoke to soon. I rebooted my computer a couple more times and it finally loaded. I registered my copy and then proceeded to configure the settings I want to use. When I got to the Ad-Watch Live settings I tried to check the Files Protection Module and it again stated what I said in my first post. I now have a Security Center icon in my Tray. When i open it, it states that I have not anti-virus active or installed. I feel a Catch-22 coming. What would you suggest now. Thanks Rod-O-Matic
  4. [quote name='cressy' post='119620' date='May 19 2010, 01:59 AM']When it is being installed it checks for other running anti virus software and disables whatever will cause conflicts but i'm not sure if it checks again at any other time. So try uninstalling Ad-Aware and then reinstalling and see if it then see that McAfee is gone. cressy[/quote] cressy. I did as you suggested. After using the 'Ignore' button that appeared during the uninstall many many times, it finally let me proceed. I was able to install Ad-Aware, but when I tried to run the program, I received an error message stating that it could not connect to the service. Any suggestions? Thank You for your help this far. Later Rod-O-Matic
  5. Greetings. Ad-Aware Pro, v.8.2.3. After dowloading a file, a message appeared in the lower section of the 'Download' window. The message stated: Unable to connect to Ad-Aware Download Guard could not connect to Ad-Aware. Make sure that Ad-Aware is running and then scan the file manually by pressing the ‘Send to Ad-Aware’ button. I had Ad-Aware running (open, but not scanning). I pressed the ‘Send to Ad-Aware’ button and nothing seemed to happen. This is the first time I have encountered this message and its scanning solution(?). How do I get 'Download Guard' to connect. What wil happen after I press the 'Send to Ad-Aware'? Will it just scan the file and tell me later or show the scanning of the file? Any solutions out there? Later Rod-O-Matic
  6. Greetings. I have Ad-Aware Pro, v. 8.2.3. Like some of the other forum topics, I have a problem that involves McAfee software. Some time ago I uninstalled the McAfee Security Center and all of the underlying sub-apps (virus scanner, personal firewall, etc.). Now when I try to activate the Ad-Watch Live! Files I receive the following message: Information Ad-Watch Live! Files cannot currently be switched on, as you have other anti-virus application(s) installed that would affect performance. Please uninstall any other Anti-Virus application(s) in order to enable Ad-Watch Live! Files. The only thing I can think of is that there might be something left in the 'Registry' that Ad-Aware sees. I have done registry searches for the term 'McAfee', and get some hits. Without going through the 'Save the Registry', deleted all instances of 'McAfee', restart computer and see if the computer will still run...I thought I would check the 'Forum' first. If anyone has a good suggestion, I would like to hear it. Later Rod-O-Matic P.S. My computer runs so much faster with McAfee removed, both offline and online. McAfee software had its tentacles into almost everything.
  7. Casey. Used Revo, what a great program - really gets into the Registry, and it removed the 'aawservice.exe'. Reloaded AE, rebooted (found new hardware ? - solved that problem), downloaded files using Update Manager. Tried to run program, loading screen appeared and never left nor did program load and run. Used Task Manager to remove Executable file. Tried a few more times, same thing. Checked 'Services' and it had the right file - 'AAWService.exe', Task Manager did also. Event Viewer reported that Ad-Aware installed correctly and the next step reported 'Failed To Uninstall Service'... that confused me! Went back to Program list and selected 'Ad-Aware Updates', Update Manager proceeded to download more (small def) files. When it was completed I tried to run the program again and lo and behold it worked. Up poped the program, I registered my copy and began to use it. Only God knows exactly what happened but so far so good. Thanks for the advice and your time. A really big THANKS for suggesting Revo, when I get to understanding it better, I will most likely appreciate it more. (On-line help only is the only bummer) Later Rod-O-Matic
  8. Greetings Casey_Boy. I am having the same problem as RigdeRunner except: Event Viewer states in this order; Ad-Aware -- Removal completed successfully, Visual C++ 2008 x86 Runtime - (v9.0.30729) -- Installation completed successfully, Ad-Aware -- Installation completed successfully, Failed to uninstall service, Failed to install service, Failed to start service. The service it is refering to is 'aawservice.exe'. My question is this: If I right-click on the new 'AAWService.exe' and select 'Run as' will it replace 'aawservice.exe' and then allow Ad-Aware AE to run. P.S. Notice that the 2 services are spelled the same but the capitalization (or not) makes a difference. Later Rod-O-Matic