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  1. As posted elsewhere in these forums I purchased ad-aware plus in 2001 (Sunday, July22, 2001 9:45 AM) to be precise which is taken from the email received from There is no order number but there is a reference number which is not recognized by lavasoft or element 5. My email address is not recongized by lavasoft, even though I receive their newsletter. I had to get a new user name and password just to get back on these forums. Come on lavasoft. I am eligible for lifetime upgrades to your product. Get off your duffs and answer some of the questions on these forums. The least you can do is send an email to your customers and tell them what is going on. You are losing customers by the train load by remaining mum. You are already being bad mouthed all over the internet and you are only making things worse by your silence.
  2. Lets connect the dots............Can't keep track of customer data base.............then probably can't keep track of spyware.............equals incompetence
  3. Ho Hum. Wondering how long a person has to wait for an answer.
  4. I purchased Ad-Aware SE Plus in 2001 and have successfully updated it since that time; however, I cannot update to the current version since my e-mail address is not recognized even though I receive the Lavasoft newsletter on a regualar basis. The support site also asks for a password. I have received five passwords from Lavasoft since 2001 and none work. I even had to get a new user name and password for these forums since my old one is not recognized. Ok, cut to the bottom line. How do I update to the current version of Ad-Aware SE Plus?