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  1. All, The way I see it sooner or later all AA 2007 users will soon find another software that can do the same as Lavasoft and Lavasoft will lose it. Unfortuntae, as they HAD such a good software. Of course they will reply saying they are very busy due to the release of 2007, but you know I heard that before. Hire additional people! Marty
  2. Tobias, I was wondering if you can answer the question in my original post. Thanks, Marty
  3. I am running XP SP2 with Norton Internet Security/AV and have experienced a similar problem. Our computer has 4 users. My wife logged in and all was fine for a while. She then left the computer and when she came back she had to click on her name again (as always) and when she did the "Blue screen" appeared. the only way to get rid of it was to actually shut off the power strip. So I see the original problem started on 6/28. It has been two weeks......what is Lavasoft going to do to repair this problem. I must say software usually has some bugs when rolled out.....but little ones. Every bug Ad-Aware 2007 has is major. Maybe you should have waitied a little while longer before rolling it out, or was Lavasoft just interested in the $$$$$. I am also still waiting for a reply to "how can I revert back to Ad-Aware SE Plus". I posted that question a week ago. Marty
  4. Tobia, I already updated to Ad-Aware 2007 and after reading some of the posts I am kind of worried about keepiong it on my computer. Can you tell me how I can revert back to Ad-Aware SE Plus. Maybe once all the bugs are out I will update, but not now. I already experience one of my sons losing their IE settings as I am running XP with 4 users on it. I am also not happy that when another person is logged on and I am using the computer and the other person goes back on there are several Pop-ups claiming registry mods and we have to Allow or Block. Well this is easy for an adult, but not so easy for a 7 year old to figure out which to choose. Thanks, Marty
  5. I am running Ad-Aware/Ad-Watch 2007 on my XP system that has several users. It launches on all users except one. I am also running Norton Internet Security. Any thoughts??? Marty