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  1. alot of times if you have some software storage drivers installed, like ones that come with asus motherboards for ide or sata, they will cause problems with installation of some software applications. also application accelerator software that comes with some motherboards will cause these issues. another issue is if you upgrade your pc as much as i do, about every 3 months or so, adaware 2007 installs itself to the hardware fingerprint of your current pc config you are installing adaware 2007 on initially. if you upgrade your pc, try to reinstall adaware 2007, if it sees a different fingerprint, it will not register. so the faq stating you can install adaware on a new pc is false.
  2. their registration process sucks. if you upgrade your pc frequently like i do, then you are gonna have issues every 3 to 6 months, cause this crap ties itself to your hardware config before registration. i've just sent them my new 'hardware fingerprint' for my upgraded pc, if they can't send me a new serial number then i want my refund. whoever's idea this was to try and prevent piracy is gonna backfire, cause customer support and ease of use is gonna kill this software very quick.
  3. i have been using adaware for over 4 years and just updated to 2007 pro last week, i used it about a day before i upgrade my motherboard, processor and ram. now aa2007pro will not register online. i finally got a response out of lavasoft after about 4 or 5 days of trying. their response? the registration process finger prints your pc and registers it to that pc, so if you make any major pc changes, you're screwed and buy another license. so i got one days use out of my purchase. i upgrade my pc far too often for this crap to work. i use alcohol 120% also, and it ties itself to your pc, but you can log onto their site and change which pc to have it registered to. if lavasoft wants to do this, then screw'em, i'm removing their product and going somewhere else. microsoft wanted to try this crap with vista and thought second about it, perhaps lavasoft should have been reading around the net. now lavasoft, i sent you an email for a refund, give it, i'm done. **** Future Purchasers Please Note **** it's not mentioned in faq that it ties itself to your pc, it states in the faq that you can install it on a new pc, don't believe the faq.