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  1. Amusingly, I never ran into the 1814 error again. Here's what happened: Downloaded/installed latest version ( - Size: 17.3 MB (18,164,640 bytes) - Timestamp: Friday, July 06, 2007 5:37:24 PM Update Status: Current version: 0007.0000 Last Update: 7/5/2007 1:21:38 PM Authenticity Verified: {green check mark} Threats in Detection: 85879 Clicked “Update†Norton Personal Firewall: "aawservice.exe" is trying to access DNS server (always allow) Downloaded latest definition file AdWatch GUI available, but I ignored it (since I don't use AdWatch) Update Status: Current version: 0009.0000 Last Update: 7/16/2007 | 7:10:00 PM Authenticity Verified: {green check mark} Threats in Detection: 88151 Smart Scan #1: - Critical Object: Hi-Wire (removed) - 1300+ Privacy Objects (mostly Cookies): Removed 3x MRUs Closed Ad-Aware, then restarted Smart Scan #2: - 1 MRU found (same "Recent" as before) and 1300+ Cookies Removed about 50 Cookies When I clicked "Finish", I got a "5000" (?) error, then the following error: "Ad-Aware 2007 An error occurred: Cleaning: UNABLE TO REMOVE FILE. Suggested Action: Will be removed after you have restarted your computer." After rebooting, I used IE to delete Cookies "manually", then re-scanned with Ad-Aware. Only 2 MRUs found (Recent and IE Typed URLs), no Cookies. No action needed/taken. The process of deleting a few hundred Cookies at a time, using Ad-Aware, is painful for 2 reasons: - You have to click each Cookie's checkbox individually; you can't Shift-Click or Cntl-Click like in most Windows apps - You have to re-scan (10-20 mins wait) after each group of Cookies is deleted (no way to delete some, then delete more Cookies, without doing a re-scan) Based on the above, I chose the easy way out (using IE to delete Cookies). Good luck! JP
  2. Hi all, My PC: Dell Dimension 8200 Pentium 4, 1.90 GHz, 768 MB RAM Windows XP Home 2002, Service Pack 2 Norton Personal Firewall 2006 (Ver Norton Anti-Virus 2006 (Ver About 2 years (?) ago, I installed Ad-Aware Personal SE (not sure which version), and it worked fine. This morning, I tried to update the definitions file, and that worked fine. Then, before scanning for problems, I decided to download the latest Ad-Aware software (2007 - Free). The installation seemed to work fine. During the installation, Personal SE was automatically uninstalled. I selected the option to install Ad-Aware 2007 for "Anyone who uses this computer" (as opposed to the "Only for me" option). I selected "Standard installation" (vs. "Advanced installation"), and the default destination folder. I checked for definition file updates, and it said my file was updated. I also checked for the most current software. The only update available was a GUI update for Ad-Watch 2007, which I downloaded (apparently this was not needed, however, since I don't have access to Ad-Watch in the free version). I "smart" scanned for problems, and it found 2 or 3 "Critical Objects" (can't remember what they were), which I was able to delete. It also found approximately 1400+ "Privacy Objects" (cookies and MRU Objects). When I selected them and clicked "Delete", then clicked "Finish," I got an error (after a brief pause of about 10-20 seconds): "Error: Service error: 6000 has occurred. Description: Lost connection with Ad-Aware service. Terminating gracefully..." So, I tried to re-start the program, but got this error (every time I tried): "Error: System error: 1814 has occurred. Description: Could not login to service. Are you running this application as another user? Application terminates" So, I double-clicked on the installer program (aaw2007.exe), and selected Repair, but I still got the 1814 error. So, I ran the installer program again, and selected Uninstall, then re-installed it (again using the installer program). I got the program to work again, but when I tried to delete the cookies/MRUs, I got some kind of error (which I wasn't able to screen capture), which asked me to inform Lavasoft about the error, followed by the the same 6000 error again. Error 1814 then occurred every time I tried to start the program (again). I tried re-downloading the installer program from various sites, with no success. During one of the "Repair" attempts, I got the 1814 error (at the end). During one of the "Re-install" attempts, I got the following error: "Installer Information: Internal Error 2753. AdAware2007.exe" I checked "Add/Remove Programs" (Control Panel) and I only see 1 instance of Ad-Aware 2007 (no instances of Ad-Aware Personal SE). I began documenting everything much more carefully... I uninstalled the program, using aaw2007.exe, rebooted, then re-installed the program. During re-installation, it gave me a message I didn't see before: "Ad-Aware 2007 Setup: If you have bought a license, please click "Renew" on the main status page..." (since I didn't buy a licence, I just clicked "Next"). After re-installing, the program starts automatically. A pop-up window appeared: "Outdated definition file, new definition file to download. Would you like to download update now?" I clicked "Yes," and I saw (after about 10 seconds): "Update complete!" Another pop-up appeared: "Question: There are new software updates available! Do you want to go to the download location?" I clicked "Yes." I then saw this pop-up: "Ad-Aware 2007 Update Manager: A new version of the Update Manager is available. Click OK to download this update (recommended) or Cancel if you want to close the Update Manager and download the update later." I clicked "OK." Norton Personal Firewall pop-up appeared: "LSUpdateManager.exe is attempting to connect to a DNS server" via UDP (Outbound), so I clicked "Always allow". Interestingly, it now showed me a whole list of files that I needed to download (Ad-Aware, Ad-Watch, Tools, and Other) in order to update the software (this was possibly due to the fact that the installer program might have been a different version, since I was trying to find a "working" version on various websites -- the version I used for this attempt was I clicked "Download." Norton Personal Firewall again gave me a pop-up concerning "LSUpdateManager.exe", which I clicked "Always allow" for. I then saw a pop-up: "Update Information: Update complete! You now have the latest version of Ad-Aware 2007! Press OK to close update manager." I clicked "OK." In the main program window for Ad-Aware 2007, I now clicked "Update," just to make sure I had the latest software. I saw a "Getting information about definition updates, please wait..." window pop-up, but then... nothing. No feedback to indicate success or failure. This was different than the first time I installed the software. Under "Update Status," I saw this: Current version: 0008.0000 Last update: 7/15/2007 | 1:16:00 PM Authenticity verified: {green check mark} Threats in Detection: 87040 I then clicked on "Web Update," then "Update." Again I saw a "Getting information about definition updates, please wait..." window pop-up, but then nothing. I performed a "Smart Scan." Scan Results: Critcal Objects (0), Privacy Objects (1480). 3 of the Privacy Objects were MRU Objects, the rest were Tracking Cookies. I selected all of the Privacy Objects and then clicked "Remove." The Privacy Objects disappeared from the "Scan Results" window, but before I could click "Finish" (about 10 seconds after clicking "Remove"), I got the 6000 error. When I tried to re-start the program, I got the 1814 error. I tried to uninstall the program by clicking Start -> All Programs -> Lavasoft -> Ad-Aware 2007 -> Uninstall Ad-Aware 2007, but it gave me this pop-up error: "Windows Installer: This action is only valid for products that are currently installed." So, I uninstalled it using Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs. It seemed to work (nothing under C:\Program Files\Lavasoft except for Ad-aware 6). I then found a more recent ( version of aaw2007.exe. After rebooting, and disabling Norton Personal Firewall (just to see if that would make a difference), I installed it. After installation, the following pop-up appeared: "Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2007: Please Enter Your License Information" Since I want to use the "Free" version, I clicked "Cancel" (I don't have a "Serial Number" or "Unlock Key"). Under "Update Status" I saw this: Current version: 0007.0000 Last update: 7/5/2007 1:21:38 PM Authenticity verified: {green check mark} Threats in Detection: 85879 I clicked "Update" and updated the latest definition file. "Update Status" now showed this: Current version: 0008.0000 Last update: 7/15/2007 | 2:28:00 PM Authenticity verified: {green check mark} Threats in Detection: 87040 I clicked "Update" again, just to be sure, and saw "Getting information about definition updates, please wait...", then "Your definition file is up to date!" I conducted a "Smart Scan". The "Scan Results" were the same as before. However, this time, in order to "force" the error to appear that I missed previously, I clicked "Remove" and then rapidly clicked "Finish" (without waiting). I saw this error: "Error: An error has occurred in Ad-Aware 2007! Component: TFormAAW. Message: No root element found in xml. Send this information to Lavasoft Support Team ( and also what you just did to help us track down this error. Ad-Aware now terminates." ...followed by the 6000 error. Apparently, I cannot contact the Support Center (using the above URL) because I haven't purchased the product. The version I used ( was downloaded here: (under ""). Details: - Size: 17.2 MB (18,051,488 bytes) - Digital Signature Timestamp: Tuesday, July 10, 2007 9:22:39 AM However, the FAQ directs me to this site for the most recent version: Although this version is also, it's different: - Size: 17.3 MB (18,164,640 bytes) - Timestamp: Friday, July 06, 2007 5:37:24 PM Note that I didn't try to use this version, especially after reading the post by wayne.s (below). I'm backing up my C: drive now... Please help! JP