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  1. Ensure you are using version Uninstall all previous versions - reboot and resinstall with new version. For you home users using NIS - adding www.lavasoft.com or *.lavasoft.com works. If you using Zone Alarm or Norton Personal Firewall - allowing the service will work as well. Adding the site lavasoft.com to your browsers allow list may help. For you corporate users behind a router, adding an allow rule to your acl for the following ip addresses should allow the updates to take place. (dlserver4.download.lavasoft.com) (dlserver5.download.lavasoft.com) (dlserver6.download.lavasoft.com) There appears to be no valid pattern, but I noticed that one of the servers actually pushes the news announcements to the Adaware interface located under the update section, while another actually validates and pushes the update. All three addresses are required for the update to work. Seem like a lot of maintenance for home/corporate users to get a simple update service to work!