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  1. I just quit trying to get AdAware 2007 Plus/AdWatch working. Meanwhile, for unrelated reasons, I installed PC Pitstop Optimize and ran the program. While it was analyzing my system, I noticed that one of its functions was to check for "broken programs". After completing the scan, making a restore point, and correcting the problems it discovered, I had to reboot. Lo and behold! AdAware started with Windows and loaded AdWatch. This may help some of the others of you that have problems with getting AdAware to function. Although the register section of "Settings" in AdAware still wants me to register, and then tells me my serial number is invalid, the rest of the program seems to be doing fine.
  2. I will be asking for a return of my money soon. I purchased AdAware 2007 Plus on July 10th and still do not have access to the Plus features. Normal registration methods did not work, and after several e-mails to and from tech support, I was finally sent an Unlock Code. I entered the code into the proper line in "Registration", Clicked "OK", and got a "thank you for registering" message. I shut down and re-started AdAware, but there is no difference in what the software offers. The "Connect" button for AdWatch does not work. Selections I make in "settings" for AdWatch need to be re-set each time it is started. I cannot get either AdAware or AdWatch to start with windows, and the registration box is still asking me to "Register" instead of "Renew". I really liked AdAware SE, and would gladly go back to using it if I could get updates for it. Not much more I can say except that I have software that does not register, does not operate correctly, and during this fiasco my system is at risk.