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  1. I don't know how it happened or why...but my registration went through...been trying for 3 weeks to register, and the last response from Lavasoft was 2 weeks ago...thought I would try to register just for the "hell of it"...and BAM...it went through. Question...why diod it go through this time when it wouldn't go through other times. BTW, I had to get an un-lock key, because I changed computers and have tried many, many time to register it to no success...but tonioght...OK!! If someone from Lavasoft helped, THANKS, if not just glad to get this issue over with
  2. I paid for, like you for the plus version at the time....all I can get is the free version...I have reinstalled and reinstalled as per recomendations...still it won't register...maybe what I said in my last e-mail is what got them upset...."just a thought, maybe its you and your system and not us..." If they are indeed having this many problems with the product,,,somehow the beta testing was not that accurate!!
  3. The first response from Lavasoft, they did tell me that if I got a new computer, which I did, I would need to get the fingetprint of the software version and they would send me my "un-lock" key. The unlock key is a string of "66" numbers. Whe you put in those numbers in the unlock key slot, they said I should be able to register..WRONG...it still does not register. I don't understand if there a problem with the registration,,,,and if they can confirm that you have a valid license for a specific period of time, why can't they issue you a new version...with a click on the link or something like that? Why must they put people through all of the problems...I guess I will never understand that..OH WELL...still waiting for Lavasoft to respond...it has been 2 weeks........Amazing!!!!! p.s. The computer is a new Dell, H2O cooled...3.2 GHZ overclocked...4 GIGS of memory, and 500 GB of disk space, plus most of the bells and whistles with audio and video...so memory and space not an issue and no problem with compatiability
  4. abic:: I share your thoughts.....don't know what else to do...I even sent a message to "Tobias", who has handled a lot of these problems, but so far no answer....just might have to loose a few bucks and search for something else...thoughts on ewhat might be as good as adaware???
  5. I purchased Adaware back in Feb. of this year, and when it came time to upgradse to the new 2007, it wouldn't. I contacted support (which by the way they responded within a day), they gave me a distinct serial number in insert, which I did and it didn't work. Yes, I did type it in!! After this didn't work, I wrote back, and they responded well again and said they needed to give me a a key number,if I gave them the thumb print of the currrent version that I have on my computer. I kind of understood that because my original one was gone because I got a different computer. I tried the new "un-lock" key and it still didn't work!! I wrote back and said it didn't work, and guess what..NO RESPONSE......it has been over a week and a half, and I submitted several e-mails, but still no response. I guess after trying a few things, they kind of "gave-up"!! Then,I saw this forum and thought that I would at least have someone from Lavasoft read this and help, guess what...even though my original registration went through, and I had a valid password and name, I couldn't post, becasue I didn't receive a link to get into a forum. I had to retry the second time, and use another e-mail and finally I got registered. WHAT IS GOING ON THERE..... Can someone from Lavasoft help me???? Suggestions from anyone..............................!!!! Forgive the spelling errors.....too early in the morning and too frusterated....!!!