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  1. Well I tend to agree here, Element5 have a lot to answer for, they took our money and neglected to send us the appropriate serial numbers for all three paid accounts, something smells about that and we are not happy. Even one of the accounts is showing expired, yes we have all the receipts, account numbers etc. I am tired of calling them only to be told they will email the numbers and they don't I am beginning to think it's just a ploy to get me off the phone and out of their hair. They also say it's a support issue with Lavasoft, but how do we get support when none is forthcoming. We have decided to cut our losses and look for an alternative anti-spyware program, one that we will purchase from a store, we will never go to another online download, it's not worth the aggravation we have gone through for the past 4 months. Ad-Aware is no longer a consideration for us after all the crap we have been through with Element5 :angry: We most certainly won't ever recommend Ad-Aware to anyone who is looking for a good anti-spyware program, it's a rip off pure and simple :angry:
  2. Well we purchased 3 separate licenses for our 3 computers from Element5 and only received one serial number for all three, well guess what? That only worked on one computer and now we are stuck with 2 downloads that we cannot register. We called Element5 and requested the serial numbers for the other two accounts and were told that the one number opens all three, not so When I called back numerous times I kept being told to go to Tech. Support for help, they are only the agent, so I said we want a refund and were told to go to Tech Support again, so in other words we won't get a refund and also won't get what we paid for by the looks of it kevscs I feel your pain, we are in the very same situation. We will never buy or use this product again if we don't get what we paid for.
  3. We paid for 3 license renewals via Element5 online purchase for our 3 computers. We were sent only one Serial Number which activated only one computer license. How do we manage to get the paid for Serial Numbers for the other 2 computers, I followed the instructions from the beginning of this thread only to find that the only Serial Number is the same as the one I used on my other PC and it doesn't work for our other 2, my laptop and hubby's PC. We have called numerous times to Element5 and spoken to sales reps who say the same number activates all three, but that is not so and when we call back they still won't send our Serial Numbers We have lost 4 months use of our paid extended download licenses Can someone from support please help us.
  4. You can go do a search for and then go to c/net download and download the free 2007 version, but unless you have a current registration key that works you will only have the free version which doesn't include Ad-Watch. We paid for 3 licenses for the 2007 and can only register one on one computer, we are still in the process of retrieving the serial numbers for the other two computers. Another thing you could do is a System Restore back to before you uninstalled the original program and it should come back. Good Luck
  5. We are having similar problems, we have 3 computers networked, I managed to register one, we paid for the three separate licenses and were sent only one serial number. When I spoke to a sales person at Element5 the online supplier, we were sent another email with downloads for the two accounts that are not working, but no serial number to register. We also paid the extra for the extended download time, still not luck, all I managed to get was one registered 2007, one free version 2007 and one old Ad-Aware plus version that won't upgrade to 2007. We are not happy with this situation, we have had paid licenses now for 3 years but are now thinking of looking for another program and cutting our losses. Another problem is on my laptop I now cannot uninstall the earlier version, it tells me I have an error. Even if I go to add/remove programs it tells me something is missing and cannot perform the removal. All this has been going on since March this year and still no benefit from our paid licenses, we have lost four months use of our licenses on 2 of our computers