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  1. As I said, it really isn't all that great of an anti-spyware program, it just burns me that I'm without what I paid for while the meter's still running. I don't want to chance a system restore because it's been quite a while since I lost it and I don't know what other useful things I might screw up.
  2. Back in June, I received a message for Updated: Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition 7.0. I went to the link: and downloaded the update. When I installed the update, it promptly deleted my paid version of Ad-Aware and installed a free version. When I bought Ad-Aware, I just downloaded it, so I don't have a CD to use to reinstall it. Ad-Aware never really found much, or stopped anything...and it couldn't remove the few things it did find (like nail.exe in my registry). But it just annoys me that I paid for this software, and it's gone and I can't get it back. How can I get a fresh copy of Ad-Aware without just buying another one?