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  1. It's an old trick that works for uninstalling AVG 8 when trying to install Kaspersky - but it might point you in the right direction, USC Trojan. Basically it involves Registry Editor (regedit). Navigate to the following registry key branches: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ Have a look for anything AdAware-related, and delete it. Make a System Restore point first though...! I've not tried Revo myself. But I've had less than no problems with CCleaner. Hope that this helps...? Note to self: If posting on this forum, update signature...LOL. Note to Mods: I provided this link to the AVG Forums,14219...2367#msg-142367 on August 14th 2008, and they continue to use it. But if I've offended any LS sensibilities, I apologise now.
  2. Aw, ignore him Hank. Jaheira's only jealous 'cos he can't use SE any more...
  3. I did wonder if the mods had spotted this, Jaheira mate...! Especially considering the amount of grief that I got, when I attempted to post a link to SE1R247 that I had uploaded to YouSendIt... But then I sort-of got to thinking that this particular definitions file is SOOoooooo OLD, that it really isn't worth the fall-out. least I'm now effectively "out-of-business"...
  4. A bit confused with your post, 7TronRR... Firstly, were you scanning with Symantic or AdAware 2008...? Secondly, is AAW 2008 fully up-to-date with the latest Definitions File? (potential false-positive / Symantic clash scenario here perhaps?) Thirdly, a quick Google of "Trojan Horse Crack exe", and the majority of topics seem to point to this being resident in temporary internet files. So, first advice - empty your Temporary Internet Folder. Fourthly - where did you download AAW 2008 from...? Hope that this helps as a starting point...?
  5. Hi Kennymacd, Um...I think that you are confusing TWO programs...! AVG8.0 (Anti-Virus Service) is NOT AdAware 2008... Try the AVG Forum for AVG issues perhaps...? BTW - you won't find the aawdef file unless you've downloaded AAW 2008. HTH...?
  6. S'trewth - give us a chance eh...? The last Defs File Update known to work with ME was SE1R247 13 May 2008. If you want / need a copy, you'll have to find someone with a copy of it, and ask them nicely to email it to you... LavaSoft don't have a database of old Defs Files, especially one which is over 2 months old. Then you'll have to install it manually. has a thread with details of how to install manually.
  7. Can you post a JPEG screenshot...? In the past this has been caused by missing files from the AdAware Program installation, and maybe we can see which file is missing.
  8. Confirmed... Weird... Still, the good news is that in fourteen days time, it'll be my birthday... ...and then, in just under 3 months time, it'll be my birthday again... Now, where's that Beer Smiley got to...?
  9. Dunno if it helps or is relevant - but yesterday I had this happen to me: Basically, to get the icon in the taskbar to appear during an auto-scan, I turned-off "Update Definitions Files before scanning". I now use a scheduled Defs Files update 15 minutes before a scheduled Full Scan. So settings changed, but still no icon appeared during an AutoScan - weird... I reset all settings using the Reset Settings option button. I went to change some settings from the default to my choices, and a few options wouldn't let me change them...namely my default home and search pages insisted on remaining as MSN rather than Google UK. And "Use Heuristics on extended scan" simply couldn't be enabled. Several reboots of AdAware didn't cure either of these stubborn gremlins...but a full PC Reboot did...LOL. After the XP Reboot, Google UK was there already in both Settings -> Browsers windows. And "Use Heuristics on extended scan" was enabled / Green Ticked - all I had to do then was change the level of the heuristics scan. In other words - have you tried a PC reboot after receiving and installing a Definitions / AV update and before you attempt a scan...? It'll be a PITA if that's what you got to do - but less of a PITA than constant uninstall / CClean etc / reinstall. Just a thought.
  10. ..... LavaSoft reply: Dear Gelert, From the screen-shots you have provided, I can see that the schedule scan time is on Sunday and today is actually Sunday. That seems to be the reason for you not being able to delete a schedule scan through the Ad Aware interface using the normal removal method. But I will bring the subject to our meetings with our Software Developers and they will surely come up with something for our next release. Kind regards, Laleh - Lavasoft Support I'm going to test this theory later. If this is indeed the case, then a Daily scheduled scan is only removable on the day of the scan but AFTER the scan has taken place. e.g. in this instance, my daily scheduled scan would have taken place on Sunday morning at 0300hrs. Once the scan had completed, the schedule would have been automatically updated to Monday morning at 0300hrs, thus leaving me from the end of the Sunday scan (0415hrs Sunday) to the end of that day (2359hrs Sunday) to delete the scan.... Convoluted much... Laters. *EDIT* OK - that's interesting...ANY type of Scheduled Scan that I now enter (Full; Smart; Web Update) and ANY type of Periodic (Daily; Weekly; Monthly; Once) I can now IMMEDIATELY delete via the AdAware GUI. I can also confirm that my C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware folder has had a new fresh schedule.aaw file appear - since I deleted it yesterday - because I've now created some new Schedules. So I'm now thinking - OK, I've manually added these schedules today, and I can delete them at will. But will I be able to delete these Schedules (e.g. Daily ones) that AdAware will "add" / "alter" as the days progress...? In other words, today's Daily Scheduled Web Update and Full Scan that I have added, I can remove - and they are scheduled to run on Sunday - today - and I can remove them, er, today...! So, sorry Laleh / LavaSoft. But once they've run, AdAware will "add" or rather "alter" these Daily Schedules to become Monday's Schedules - and then Tuesday's, and then etc etc. So I'm theorising that perhaps those AdAware-Altered Schedules are the ones that cannot be deleted...? Time will tell - and I'll report my findings here, and also back to Laleh at LavaSoft.
  11. I assume that I've now got to go through this... 1. Close Ad-Aware 2. Go to the start menu, choose 'Run...', type in 'Services.msc' and in the service window, stop Ad-Aware 2007 Service 3. Go to the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware 2007 and delete the file schedule.aaw 4. Start Ad-Aware - the scheduled tasks should now be gone. get rid of this... Email to Lavasoft Support on it's way... I don't suppose that this can be added to the Pinned: Bug Update thread - along with the other 3 LS-Officially Recognised bugs that have yet to be added to it...? Nope - thought not... *edit* At least Pierre67's directions work...thanx for that mate...
  12. SE1R271 17 July 2008, and AdAware SE Plus no longer "sees" Win32.Trojan-Dropper.Delf in a full scan. Well done...
  13. You might have a corrupt SE1R247 file...? Check the file size, which should be 3,229 KB. Even if your SE1R247 is that size though, it could still be corrupt...but it's as good a place to start as any. Next step is to test the MD5 Checksum. For SE1R247 this is 1d48aea0633f103b20573fc72e84e2d8 (source: I've used a freeware MD5 Checker from but there might be better ones about...? Test the UNzipped file (i.e. the Defs.File that you manually install). My SE1R247 13 May 2008 checksums match. Hope that this helps...?
  14. Good call Txnnok. I've set my AdAware 2008 AutoScan with Heuristics at Level 3 to start at 0300hrs daily. At that time I should be in the Land Of Nod, with my Browsers shut down, and just Outlook doing its Send And Receive thang every 5 minutes...although AVG 7.5 scans my incoming emails...MMmmm...a potential pitfall perhaps... ...but hopefully I've minimised the opportunity for a collision - or a dilution of effectiveness... To date, I've left AVG 7.5's Service running throughout, and I've found no evidence of interference between AAW 2008 scans and the AVG Service. LS Calamity Jane posted quite a while back that she leaves her AV Service running during an AAW 2008 scan without issues - although that info may be out-of-date by now. Nevertheless, I for one will be interested in your findings / research. Ciao, Gelert.
  15. Curious... SE1R247 has worked for "everybody else" who runs an old Win98-based OS...and is allegedly the "last" Defs Update that worked with 9x OS - file size is apparently the issue... Which defs file do you think that you need then...? I can offer SE1R242 (28 April 2008) through to SE1R270 (15 July 2008) via email, with a couple of exceptions: no SE1R248, or SE1R264... Dunno what happened to them - perhaps we can set-up a Swap-Meet and then I can get the complete set... FYI - SE1R242 = 3037 KB; SE1R247 = 3229 KB; SE1R270 = 4042 KB.
  16. FYI - AdAware SE Plus also picked this up using SE1R270 15 July 2008. I originally quarantined it, but now I've restored it to the Toshiba XP OS Recovery partition from whence it came. Keep up the good work...
  17. Thanks for the info Casey. And thanks for the links Jane... Interesting - SE picked-up on the Trojan Win32.Trojan-Dropper.Delf which I quarantined, and have now restored after reading the False Positives thread. It is part of the Toshiba OS Restore package that came with the laptop. I thought it strange at the time that it was considered malware, which is why I quarantined it rather than deleted it outright. Interestingly, AdAware SE doesn't run Heuristic doodah, but with SE1R270 released on 15th July 2008 it's seeing Win32.Trojan-Dropper.Delf after I've just restored it. I'll wait for the next defs update which apparently will have this removed from the Defs file. No point in placing this on the FP forum as SE is now obsolete. I can't remember what the piece of malware was that AAW 2008 Plus picked up on, but it's gone forever now... Anyway - lesson learnt - quarantine first, then check the False Positives thread over a few days... I'll give the new AV Program a look-at when it's released - allegedly later this month (July 2008) according to the Newsletter link. I'm not going through the grief again of AVG 8.0, even with it's v8.1 upgrade. There's still a load of genuine issues being posted on their forums about 8.0 / 8.1.
  18. As Txnnok wrote here And as Casey_Boy wrote here in reply to why the AV Updates for Plus & Pro are not downloaded with the Definitions File in AutoUpdate: And as, IMHO, AVG 8.0 is a disaster - whilst support for AVG 7.5 ceases at the end of August 2008, I am now on the look-out for a new AntiVirus program to replace my AVG 7.5 Free. SO... 1) Will the new LavaSoft AntiVirus be compatible with AdAware 2008...? 2) Is it LavaSoft's own, or is it another Avira-based product...? 3) Where can I get more information about it...? I'm not too keen on having a "Suite" onboard, as I fear that all Defence Programs have some form of loophole - and a "Suite" would be like putting all the eggs into one basket. But I'm certainly keen to explore all of the choices of available AntiVirus Programs before I make a decision. And the Extended AntiVirus Engine of AdAware 2008 has picked-up at least one piece of Malware on my Desktop that AVG 7.5 missed. Comments anyone...?
  19. And now I'm seriously getting miffed... "Update Definitions File before scanning" does exactly what it says on the tin - it only checks for a Definitions File update...aside from killing the "Scan In Progress" icon in the taskbar during an AutoScan... But the AntiVirus updates AV1 or AV2 or AV3 STILL have to be done manually...and as these are updated more frequently than the Definitions File, I am sort of led to ask the question "what's the point of the update Defs before scanning" option...? Second problem - again - AV2 update once again gave me the grief of AdWatch unloading but failing to re-load. PLUS the problem, once again, of trashing my taskbar icons, namely AVG 7.5, and Traytools.exe... I've learnt to add a System Restore Point before updating AdAware 2008 - and so I managed to get everything back. But WHY should I have to jump through hoops, just to update various parts of the program...? THIS is the very real reason why I haven't updated the other two PCs from SE to AAW 2008. I know that Lavasoft are busy with an imminent release of an AntiVirus platform. But I'm getting the very real impression that the existing AAW 2008 bugs have been totally de-prioritised...and that's NFG as far as I'm concerned... :angry:
  20.'s known, but it's not in the Pinned: Bug Update...along with the other ones that aren't in the Pinned: Bug Update... Taken from my post here: Lavasoft have failed to implement a fix for this AdWatch versus AV2 Update issue since launch back in May and identification of the bug very shortly afterwards. No fix either for missing AutoScan Icon when "update before scan" is enabled...see here. And no mention of these two bugs, or this third bug in the "pinned: Bug update" topic. Rant over...again...until the next time...
  21. I've just studied your original screenshot, Roadstar1: You've got NO Registration Entries: Even though mine is 2008 Plus and yours is 2008 Free, I would expect to see some... hbedv file So it's got to be an incomplete or corrupted install...IMHO.