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  1. I purchased/registered Ad-Aware 2007 Build 4 Days ago, and it won't unlock the Ad-Watch. The registration field says : Type: PLUS Edition License Expires In: 362 Days. I have tried to re-register it about 6 times now. I emailed support 2 days ago, and havn't heard back from them yet. THIS is the reason I purchased the PLUS edition, for the Ad-Watch, as I have been using Ad-aware for 4 years or so now. Can Someone help me? - Brendan.
  2. I have registered ad-aware successfully, and it says i have 365 days left on my subscription, and it recognize that it is the plus edition. Ad-Watch still says that it can't run in free mode. All the PLUS features wont run, but it says plus in the subscription area, and i paid for it. I have tried to re-register it 6 times now, each time it completes without unlocking. I'm Running: NOD32 - AV ZONE ALARM - FREE SPYBLASTER - PASSIVE Anti-Spyware Any help would be appreciated. -Brendan