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  1. My copy of Ad-Aware 2007 plus is now working properly and it registered first go! I didn't update first, it didn't seem to need it? I was asked for a hardware finger print key, I assumed they meant the one from my broken machine. I did manage to extract it from the old hard drive with a bit of difficulty. As it turned out Lavasoft wanted the new machine finger print and all was well. I thought it strange at the time, supposing the drive had died and there was no way to find that code number? Perhaps it's me being stupid, or Lavasoft should state it's the new number that's required. The confusing thing with that is, you have to load Ad-Aware first to get the number, then remove it as and then re install it as instructed. Well that one is solved, now all I have to do is find out why my wife's machine won't load Ad watch when started. It did register OK and did work fine for a while, now I have to manually start Ad watch every time it's booted. (Yes, it does have a separate licence).
  2. I woner If I request a refund, Lavasoft will actually give me one?
  3. Even this forum is buggy! If you click on reply you get a quote from the previous post!!! I wondered why most posts had a quote in them. To the point, it seem we are all having the same problems, I purchased two 24 month licences for Ad-Aware plus, one won't register even with the long code and the other one wont auto start Ad watch although it is registered. I've wasted hours and hours trying to resolve these problems and I think the over zealous anti pirating system is the cause. I've cleaned out the registry and the drive from all traces of this programme and started again, but still no joy. I guess as another contributor has said, " I guess I've lost a few bucks". A fair amount of £'s really. I will not get caught again! I shall now re install my previous programme and mark it up to experience. I will not recommend this utility to anyone in future.