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  1. is this a bad joke, the support login wont except my email or password now.. this is really NOT COOL AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Adware Plus WILL NOT except my reg key! All I get is "key appears to be invalid" I've used (caps and -) disabled my firewall restarted, rebooted, reinstalled with no luck! No joke I tryed my key (20) times?? What gives??? I had it reged once allready but i did a OS this Thanks, Chris
  3. I did a fresh OS install now adware 2007 plus says "key appeared invalid" I can't get it to register. I made sure i was activating the correct version and using (caps and -) I had it registerd before the reinstall, but now its a no go. Anybody got any ideas?? Thanks, Chris BTW....ive tryed updating first, restarting the app., and rebooting my pc.
  4. I purchased adware 2007 plus today, and have some questions. 1. the save button does not save my settings in custom scan (c,d) drives? 2. ad-watch wont load at startup when "checked" to do so? 3. The "connect" button is faded out in adwatch??? system is: Windows XP SP2 Athlon 64 X2 4400+ 2gig DDR 400 Nvidia 7600 GT (PCIE) IF THAT HELPS?? Thanks, Chris I have re-startsd the program, re-booted my PC, and re-istalled the program?