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  1. Hi, I've checked and it is not enabled as nothing is checked in the tab referred to in the link. Not to worry. Happy new year and thanks again. Panman
  2. [quote name='CeciliaB' post='124491' date='Jan 1 2011, 02:46 AM']explorer.exe is usually Windows Explorer that handles the desktop, Computer etc. Which version of Ad-Aware do you have? Which Windows?[/quote] Hi,Cecilia B sorry about posting in the wrong place - obviously the flu was getting to me XP home Ad-Aware pro 9.0. The latest registry adwatch log is pasted below 2011/01/01 16:36:51: c:\windows\explorer.exe => \software\microsoft\internet explorer\desktop\components\position [Block] It is clear something is up to something and I was just wondering what it was doing that was all. particularly as it was doing it by itself. I suppose that is why we have adwatch alerts. Anyway, not to worry I was just wondering if it was a 'normal' alert that everyone gets unless i suppose they clik allow and don't tell me about it again. Thanks for the interest. panman
  3. Dear all. I've been meaning to ask for a while. Apologies if the answer is obvious but I am not a tech user. Adwatch keeps alerting me to explorer.exe trying to change the registry. I block it. Is this internet explorer trying to do something or is it something else going on without my knowledge? I ask because Ive recently removed program permissions for internet explorer from the firewall but adwatch did just the same before I did that so it is nothing new. All help appreciated Panman
  4. Panman here. Firstly, thanks to Casey but I shall wait until a fix emerges. I should have added to my earlier post that the red mcafee icon at the bottom right of screen turned black telling me that my computer was not protected. All I can say is this happened several times & hasn't happened since I finally managed got to ( albeit V slowly as the PC was unresponsive(mwra, good choice of word) use the uninstall function to remove the updated adaware.
  5. I don't think my previous post went on. I too have mcafee but am not an expert . updated and all sorts of trouble. I've uninstalled anything to do with adaware - most annoying when I just paid for a new 3 year sub to pro PC seems to be back to normal
  6. Casey, That is a great help & many thanks for taking the time to reply. panman
  7. Dear all. I am non expert user so please forgive me. I've updated to my plus adaware 2008 7.1. 0. 10 and ran a full scan. It found something - the first time fo a long time. I used the remove option. Part of the logfile is pasted below . Does it mean mcafee already got it and was storing it somewhere or have I got a problem? It has never happended before. All help appreciated. panman Infections Found =========================== Family Id: 1926 Name: ExtendedEngine Category: Malware TAI:10 Item Id: 1 Value: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\VirusScan\Quarantine\7d87bf10191480.bup¤Exploit/Office.Dropper.Gen¤exploit¤Contains detection pattern of the exploits Exploit/Office.Dropper.Gen
  8. [HOORAY! What a superb Xmas present! So I'm going to continue with my SE Plus until ALL of the issues have been sorted-out with 2007 - in particular, the fact that the 2007 AdWatch function still doesn't appear to be working as well as the SE Plus version, according to regular posts on this very forum. Hello there, Happy new year. Well, I still have 2007 installed and regularly check the evet log when the adwatch icon flashes & it seems to be blocking tracking cookies Ok now. Also, my last two Mcafee full scans have not reported any cookies so, as a non expert user, I guess it is doing what it is supposed to now. I haven't looked at any other functions though.
  9. spike, it seems to have downloaded new definitions and I have a green tick - all very odd but I assume this is OK? PS Happy Christmas panman
  10. Well spike, I downloaded it unzipped it and saved it to the location & I don't think it made any difference. When I restarted it said my definitions were out of date so I clicked download & now it is saying that my definitions are up to date but the red cross is still there. Frankly, as a non expert user, I don't intend to do much more & I am seriously thinking of looking for something else that was as easy to use as the old SEplus! PS , I have actually seen the cross green but I can't remember the circumstances - it was possibly after I installed 2007. cheers panman
  11. Well, I did install 2007 ( V and something seems to be happening in the cookie part of the log file. BUT, I have noticed that when Mcafee does a scan, it seems to pick up and remove what I think are tracking cookies. All I can say is that I don't recall Mcafee doing that when SE plus installed. Any more views out there?
  12. Given that my paid for SE was to be unsupported, I finally upgraded to Adaware 2007. My licence info on the status screen shows plus edition so that must be OK. I downloaded 7.2.05 from the support centre & it seems to have installed OK. I have a query. When I click update , it shows my definitions file (0038) as being up to date but there is a red X next to authenticity verified. What does this mean & how do I fix it? Is something wrong? Thanks
  13. I changed to 2007 in July and it just didn't seem to stop tracking cookies in real time. I got so fed up that I went back to AD aware se plus whcih I had bought into for 3 years & still have some way to go on my licence - in fact to end 2009. I haven't had any problems since. I just want to know that as a non expert I can simply down load 2007 version again, install it and it will work every bit as well as SEplus is. I do not want to spend any time thinking about it except for the initial set up - after all, that is what SE plus does. Can users confirm all is well with the new software? Thanks
  14. Hello there I downloaded the new software upgraded my paid for licence etc etc and everything seemed fine EXCEPT adwatch just does not block any cookies at all like it used to in SE plus. basically, an scan has just sorted them out but I would rather they didn't get in there in the first place. Iwas so fed up I unsintsalled and now the thing doesn't want to do auto definitions update. I wonder nowe if I should have ignored the new stuff & kept SE plu. How do I revert? I have a CD