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  1. Reading this thread, I guess it was wise of CJ to lock the pinned thread at the top, where she extols the wonderfulness of AAW2007. ~Dave
  2. If you buy the Plus or Pro versions, you're supposed to get Ad-Watch which does guard your system continuously. However, I bought the Plus version, and the Ad-Watch still never would work. And no one, including the tech people at LS, could figure out why. They told me several days ago that they refunded my money, but I check my credit card every day online, and they never have. Nor do they answer my email asking why, anymore. My personal opinion is that Ad-Aware is an early Beta version with plenty of bugs. And the company is selling it anyway and trying to let the customer do their trouble shooting for them, so they can fix it on the fly, while still bringing in revenue. It's an old Micro$oft trick. Still this is only my opinion. Beware. ~Dave
  3. I think I read on here that Ad-Aware SE will not be supported beyond the end of this year. So it looks like you may be forced to "upgrade" if you want to keep the program. ~Dave
  4. Thanks. I have no problem with LS at all. They have stuck with me from the beginning and it's just shows a lot of class in the customer support department. Since this topic hasn't been locked yet, I'll give the final reply from LS: Dear Dave I'm sorry I couldn't help you get it working. I have refunded the full amount to you and it should arrive shortly. I hope that we will have you as a customer again in the future. Kind regards Kim - Lavasoft Support I know that writing programs to make them work is hard enough without incorporating code to make it fail. This is the anti-pirating software I'm referring to. Sometimes this is the cause of many problems relating to commercial software. But I know that programmers do the best they can given the circumstances. I will keep an eye on Ad-Aware, and might try the next version some day, as I said I would. No hard feelings, but if it doesn't work by now, it's not going to, and I'm getting tired. IMHO. The final help offered was a link to a site to fill out a form with questions that have no bearing on my problem, or any other relevance that I can derive. That's mainly why I called it quits. The "writing" was on the wall. Thanks to all who tried to help. Especially CJ. She's one great person to have on the team. I guess this thread could be locked now. ~Dave
  5. I didn't mean you should change it. I thought it was cute......and unique. I just wondered what it meant since it was not on the legend. ~Dave :angry:
  6. I would like to ask one more question. It's about the icon to the left of the Topic Title. All other threads have a round icon with LS in the center. This one is more like a little brief case. What's up with that? Thanks, ~Dave
  7. Lavasoft just replied: Thank you for your email Unfortunately, we have no been able to reproduce this issue for troubleshooting purposes. In order to help you with your support request we need to gather some more information to aid us in our research of the issue. If you are still experiencing your issue, after downloading the latest version ( and performing a web update, please follow the link below and complete our web form, to provide us with further information.Please be sure to complete as much of the form as possible, and include as much detail as your possibly can. The more information you provide the better we will be able to assist you. We are sorry for any trouble this error may have caused you, but we would like to assure you we will do our best to address it, and get your program running properly as soon as possible. PLEASE NOTE: Please do not reply to this email, use the form provided below: Web form: http://www.lavasoft.com/support/supportcen...rror_report.php Kind Regards, The Lavasoft Support Team My reply: I really appreciate how dedicated you are in trying to help me with this problem. But I'm finished. No one should have to go through all this just to get a program to work. Let's just call it no one's fault. It must just be something about my system that causes this to happen. I'm uninstalling Ad-Aware 2007 from my computer and deleting all references to it. Will you please refund the purchase price of this upgrade to my credit card account? Maybe some day in the future I will try the next version of Ad-Aware. But right now it just will not work for me. Thanks for all your help, ~Dave If they refund my money, and I expect they will, this will be my last post in this thread. ~Dave
  8. Got another reply today: Dear customer Which version of the program are you using? You can see this by clicking on the "i" in the top right. Kind regards Kim - Lavasoft Support My reply: Ad-Aware 2007 Dave
  9. Still no reply to my latest message. Guess I either stumped them, or they don't believe me. Wonder how long I should wait before I ask for a refund? Any recommendations? ~Dave
  10. So here's the reply we've all been waiting for: Dear Customer Since your registration process using the serial number has failed we have generated an unlock key to unlock your software and activate Ad-Aware. First of all you need to uninstall your current Ad-Aware 2007 version. Then log on to the support center http://www.lavasoft.com/support/supportcenter/ and download the latest version and install it. Your unlock key; XXXXXX-..................................................................XXXXXX How to use the unlock key; 1. Start Ad-Aware and switch to the status window. At the bottom you have the register button, click it. 2. Click the green button next to text field “unlock key†to select this field for input. 3. Copy the unlock key from this email into the “unlock key†text field, make sure that no extra characters is added (spaces etc) and click “OK†and you have unlocked the software. When the hardware unlock key has been applied you are properly registered, you should NOT use the serial number afterwards. Kind regards, Kim - Lavasoft Support And here's my reply: I have done this and when I registered, I got the screen thanking me for registering it. The Status Screen Showed "Plus Edition" with License for 365 days. Then when I tried to start Ad-Watch, it still gave me the same message saying it was only available for the Plus and Pro editions. I followed your directions exactly. This is unreal. ~Dave
  11. Here's the latest email from LS GeneralSupport: Dear customer Thank you for your e-mail Since registering using the serial number has failed we will generate an unlock key for you. To be able to do this I need the hardware fingerprint and information on what license you purchased. In case you have multiple licenses make sure to note what license goes with what hardware fingerprint (I.E. which computer). To get the hardware fingerprint code; Start Ad-Aware and click the status icon. At the bottom of that screen you have the register button, click it. From the window that opened (where you can enter the serial number) read and write down the hardware fingerprint. Reply to this email with the hardware fingerprint code and the license information (can be found in the sales confirmation emails) and we will send you your unlock code and the instructions how to use it. Kind regards, Göran - Lavasoft Support Sounds promising. Will post the results of this after I receive, and try, the unlock code. ~Dave
  12. Ok, here's the latest from Lavasoft General Support: Dear Customer If you have succeeded in Activating Ad-Aware with your serial Number and still can't use Ad-Watch. Reinstall Ad-Aware 2007 and choose to install for 'All users' when prompted. Perform a webupdate and download the latest software updates for Ad-Aware 2007. Activate again if necessary and close Ad-Aware and reboot your computer. If you haven't been able to activate Ad-Aware, try this: Turn off all security software like Firewalls and Antivirus programs like Norton and McAfee (all this for testing) Register Ad-Aware 2007 Plus or Pro with your serial number. Restart Ad-Aware to activate full feature version of Ad-Aware 2007 Plus or Pro Start Ad-Watch. If it works, turn on your other security software. Restart ad-Aware and Ad-Watch Does it work? Regards, Lavasoft Support Team And here is my reply: I have done all you requested. Now it won't register at all. It just tells me the Serial Key I entered appeared invalid. Here is the Serial Key I entered: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. It's the one I was sent in an e-mail. I copied and pasted it, and also I entered it manually. So, now what do I do? ~Dave Now I'm waiting again. ~Dave
  13. Latest email from LS: Dear Customer First of all: Please make sure you have the latest version of Ad-Aware 2007. You can download the latest installation package by logging in to the support center at the link below: http://www.lavasoft.com/support/supportcenter/ To download your software, log in, go to 'Your licenses'. This will list your licenses and you will find the download links below each valid license. Click the link and save it to your hard drive. Reinstall. This will resolve a lot of problems you may be experiencing. Regarding some issues with Ad-Watch that you might currently experience: *Cannot start Ad-Watch* If you are having problems starting Ad-Watch the most common cause for this is that Ad-Aware is not activated/registered correctly and/or that the software has not been restarted since the activation. Make sure to go trough the guide below to make sure that the software is activated. We are researching a possible other issue with starting Ad-Watch, if you can not start Ad-Watch even though Ad-Aware is registered (on the status page) and the software is restarted please reply back to this email with any details you can provide regarding; * How you start Ad-Watch * What operating system and other security related software you use. * Error messages * A general description of the events. Kind regards Kim - Lavasoft Support My reply back: * How you start Ad-Watch I TRY to start Ad-Watch from the program tab, and also from the icon in the Start Menu. * What operating system and other security related software you use. I use Windows XP Pro with all updates current. I use Registry Mechanic, and AdwareBlaster. * Error messages Ad-Watch is only available in Ad-Aware Plus & Pro Edition. . * A general description of the events. I can't start Ad-Watch even though the Status Page (in the lower left of the screen) says TYPE: Plus Edition LICENSE: expires in 360 days. Now I'm just waiting for another reply from LS. ~Dave
  14. The exact message is: Ad-Watch is only available in Ad-Aware Plus & Pro Edition. ~Dave
  15. Yep, it's good. Now see if anyone can fix this for me. I have not seen this problem anywhere else on this forum, so it might throw the tech folks. It's always nice to have a completely creative problem. ~Dave