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  1. TY for your reply Oldfrog just kinda made me nervous beings one ( AAW ) anti spyware program would find things that others would not or if the one's found by AAW where really a threat or if the others were not properly catching spyware.. E Trust is a program our internet provider provides for free so I tried it for awhile, along with Windows Defender & AAW, just AAW found things like double click..etc ( sorry I don't have the logs anymore & their threat level was always a 3 ! ) When I inquired about the E Trust not finding things AAW did they responded with " AAW was removing cookies.. etc which were lo level threats that weren't threats & didn't need removal.. " this just gets confusing so wondered what the differences were & if AAW was perhaps doing the better job before I decided which anti spyware program I should have or keep ! Lordy this computor stuff is confusing for someone like me ..LOL ! TC, Kat
  2. I'm curious as to why Ad - Aware SE or 2007 freeware ( both of which I've used ) find spyware that others like Windows Defender & E Trust anti spyware programs do not .. when I run the latter programs they always come up as finding no spyware..then when I run Ad-Aware free versions they always show spyware objects..usually @ ratings of 3 ? TY for your time & help Katt