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  1. This is a legitimate website offered by and the version offered is v8.2.1 Ad-Aware Plus version.
  2. Below is the FREE OFFER of LAVASOFT AD-AWARE PLUS FOR ONE YEAR : Exclusive: Lavasoft Ad-Aware Plus, worth £18.95, FREE, for 24 hours only! It's important we use tried-and-tested software to keep our PCs secure. Install freeware security software on your machine and can you ever be 100% sure that your computer is secure? Just how much time and effort can freeware developer's spend on updating their security tools. There are some exceptions to the rule, but we'd also err on the side of caution when most of us use our computers on an 'always on' broadband connection, using a poorly configured firewall. The step up from freeware security tools are the commercial editions made available for home users, which provided you with automatic updates. No need to schedule an update or manually check for new virus definitions as these commercial security tools will always update with the latest definitions. From midday GMT, Friday 26th of March 2010 through to midday GMT, Saturday 27th of March 2010, we're giving you the chance to download the full current version of Lavasoft's Ad-Aware Plus v8.2, along with a years worth of updates. This commercial anti-spyware and anti-virus tool would normally cost $26.95, but it's yours, for free. Just make sure you re-visit the V3 Downloads between Friday and Saturday to download.
  3. Yesterday is the big day of Lavasoft as it offers Free 1 year full version of its latest release of v8.2.1 to public from mid-day 26th to mid-day 27th Macrch 2010. The license was supposed to be included in the software pack but comes out to be some inclusive and others still in Free version form requiring license to be input. And most of the time download of the software is impossible and am not sure due to heavy and congested workload or any system error or problem occurred. Upon installing of the software, Ad-Watch Live is not functioning at all even with the internet connection. Does it require a license to activate it for Free version or there is a specific way to activate the system? Please check and advise the proper procedures to operate Ad-Watch Live function and if feasible provide the license for the software to have it run for full year period as the software cannot be activated to Full version but instead still Free version. Many many thanks for the advice and assistance rendered on the matter! Please forgive and move said post to proper area if this is not the right place for the post and thanks!
  4. Can anyone advise where I can download or get Multilanguage or Traditional Chinese released copy for use? It's better to have free / plus / pro copy. Thanks in advance!
  5. I now look for the PowerISO tutorial since I have no knowledge of this software and hope anyone could provide details or explanation on how to use it in extracting, mounting, burning and other related functions etc. Thank you for the kind assistance rendered!
  6. SpySentinel: Do you have the latest version of Ad-Aware 2007? It is: I remove and reinstal and everthing goes perfect. Thanks for the advice and really there is bug in version!
  7. QUOTE(SpySentinel @ Nov 11 2007, 04:18 PM) Welcome to the Lavasoft Support Forum. To turn on Ad-Watch Connect please: Go to Ad-Watch 2007 --> And click on the red X for Connect --> A green check should appear letting you know it is on. Regards, SpySentinel Ad-Aware 2007 Beta Team If you have Ad-Aware 2007 Plus, it does not come with Ad-Watch Connect; only Ad-Aware 2007 Pro does. Regards, SpySentinel I try to click on the red X for Connect(Ad-Aware 2007 Pro) but it still has no effect on it! What actually is the problem!:Please advise and thank for the assistance!
  8. The Connect item of the Realtime Protection of Ad-Watch Status is Off whereas the others(RegShield, Processes, TrackSweep, Cookies are all On. What is the reason for this occurrence and how do I solve this problem? Please advise and thank for the kind assistance!
  9. Spike: Thank you very much for your great help. After reinstall, unregaaw.exe works nicely and it was then removed with subsequent installation of latest version Many thanks!
  10. Hi Spike, Firstly, thank you very much for the reply! Your guess is right, my old software is Ad-Aware SE 1.06. There is no response for the first alternative given, and the manual uninstal is impossible since "unregaaw.exe" doesn't work at all. How can I do now or can you suggest where I can download and install that software? Please advise and thanks a lot! Best regards, hkw.
  11. When I go to Add/Remove Program of Start Menu, the uninstall tool of Ad-aware is missing. I cannot delete the old software thus installation of the latest version is impossible. Hope erase tool can be provided to enable replacement of old software and thank for the kind assistance!