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  1. [quote name='PSCO2007' post='123207' date='Oct 13 2010, 10:08 PM']My computer Security Center show TWO virus programs, one of which is Lavasoft Ad-watch. I know you can't have more than one anti-virus program and I have tried to remove Lavasoft, using Revo Uninstaller, Add/remove and it finds nothing but still the message shows. If I disable Avast and go to the message in Security Center, it now shows Lavasoft Ad-watch as being my primary Ant-virus program. How can I remove this program permanently? Thank Paul[/quote] Hi Paul If I understand you correctly, you have already uninstalled Ad-Aware but you still get this message from the Security Center? If so, I think your best bet would be to install Ad-Aware again (You can find it on When done, download this program: [url=""][/url] Open it and use it to remove Ad-Aware. Best regards
  2. [quote name='Firefox675' post='118662' date='Apr 6 2010, 02:54 AM']I tried to install Ad-Aware but it stopped for some reason. Now when I try to re-install, the install program tries to un-install Ad-Aware but can't find one, or more, of the files to do so. I tried running Registry Mechanic but that didn't help. Any ideas ??[/quote] Try removing the failed Ad-Aware installation using this program: [url=""][/url] Then try installing again.
  3. [quote name='Defsquad' post='117787' date='Mar 8 2010, 01:21 PM']just downloaded the 8.2 update to find out my pc has become unresponsive & ad-aware wont even run it has taken me 8 hours to unistall the software looks like i will be looking for a replacement im running windows 7 64 bit 8 gb ram ,amd quad core processor [/quote] As a paying customer you are entitled to technical support from us at the support team. Please log in to the Support Center here: [url=""][/url] Use your e-mail address you used when purchasing and the password you received. If you need a password reminder, use this link: [url=""][/url] Once logged in, click Contact Support on the right side of the page. /LS Kim
  4. [quote name='casey_boy' post='117148' date='Feb 22 2010, 11:56 AM']Hi guys, So as soon as I reinstall Ad-Aware and have Ad-Watch enabled... sloooow down. However, I think it might only be related to the Files component, since when I disabled that - the performance was back to normal. Neither of you mention your Ad-Aware versions (i.e. Free/Plus/Pro), but I know that the Files component is only present in the paid versions. So if you've got the Free version and are experiencing this then let me know. Casey[/quote] This issue has been reported in our bug reporting system, bug #3511 A workaround for this is, as Casey says, to disable the Files Protection feature until we have resolved it. /Kim - Lavasoft Support
  5. [quote name='simplysup' post='116321' date='Feb 6 2010, 11:43 AM']We have been informed by a customer that "AdWatch" is raising a false positive on the Updater component of our software, Trojan Remover. I am attaching the logfile snippet sent by the customer, and the trupd.exe file being detected. Your help in resolving this will be appreciated. Nigel Thomas Simply Super Software[/quote] Hello Nigel Our Malware labs will look into this issue and if it turns out to be a false positive it will be removed from detection. Thank you.
  6. [quote name='HappyHOG' post='115873' date='Jan 28 2010, 05:30 PM']I have Ad-Aware Pro installed on 3 different computers (one running XP Pro, One running Vista Pro, and one netbook running Windows 7 Home Premium). On 1-27-10 I clicked on the Web Update icon on the main screen and all the copies successfully upgraded to version 8.1.4. In the past whenever I clicked Web Update if Ad-Aware did not require an update I received a message saying that the software was already up to date. However, since I've updated to 8.1.4 whenever I click up Web Update it appears that if necessary it will download a new file and reinitialize correctly. If I then click on Web Update again I see it display a short line in the overall progress bar and it says that it is reinitializing and reloads Ad-Aware. I can repeat this over and over and it never tells me that the software is up to date. It does that on all three of my computers with the three different versions of Windows. Is my expectation now that I will no longer see the message telling me that my software is up to date? If so then my preference is to see the message and know for sure I have the latest and greatest updates. Do I need to uninstall / reinstall Ad-Aware on all three systems to correct this issue? Anyone else seeing this?[/quote] Hello This has been reported as a bug in our bug tracking system, Bug #3452 Regards Kim - Lavasoft Support
  7. [quote name='keebles21' post='115848' date='Jan 28 2010, 06:30 AM']Every time I click update ethier in ad-aware or from the start menu, ad-aware just restarts its self and doesn't update. This just started today. I have uninstalled and restarted, and then downloaded ad-aware at least 5 times and it keeps doing the same thing. What is going on and how can I fix it.[/quote] Hey This has been reported as a bug in our bug tracking system, Bug #3452 Regards Kim - Lavasoft Support
  8. [quote name='Sinkhet' post='115687' date='Jan 23 2010, 01:42 PM']Hello there! I've lately purchased my copy of Ad-Aware 2010 PRO.. Anyways, I've stumbled upon a "minor" or better said a big problem for me.. I'm frequently using Radmin Server 3.2, for remote access to my computer. Anyways, as soon I start this Radmin server 3.2, when Ad-Watch Live - Processes is turned on, I get a baloon tip, that a malicious process has starded, and Ad-Watch terminated it.. So I know under the "Edit Rules" button, I could give it to exceptions, ignore it, anything.. But the process just doesn't apear in there.. So you understand this is a big issue for me, as I need frequently to access my home computer from my workplace, but I don't want to have Ad-Watch - Processes turned off.. So if you have any suggestion, how to get it working.. please please help me as soon as possible.. Thanks in advance![/quote] Thank you for reporting this to us. Please do the following so that the matter can be investigated,: 1. If it's detected by running a scan, please upload the log file of the scan that detected the false positive. Log files (XP, Vista and 7) are located in: Ad-Aware 2008 users: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\logs\Ad-Aware<date information>.log Ad-Aware AE users: XP - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Logs\Scan_<date information>.log Vista and 7 - C:\ProgramData\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Logs\Scan_<date information>.log Ad-Aware 8.1 users: XP - C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Logs\Scan_<date information>.log Vista and 7 - C:\ProgramData\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware\Logs\Scan_<date information>.log To upload the file, click on the Browse button within your post, navigate to the log file's location, select the file then click the green UPLOAD button. If you have access to the detected file, upload it as described above, however, please be sure to zip your file first - the forum will not accept the upload of .exe files or renamed .exe files. You could use an application like 7-Zip, ZipCentral or your preferred compression program to zip your file. Thank you.
  9. I received a response from the customer and he finally managed to get the logs. Please see attached. Many thanks. /Kim - Lavasoft Support ComboFix.txt log_1.txt
  10. I'll pass that on to him and see if I can get his log as well. I'll let you know. Many thanks. /Kim
  11. I've been in contact with this customer by e-mail, it seems as though he is not able to access the the internet any longer except for e-mail. I have asked him for his combofix log and I will post it here once he replies. Is there anything else he can do in the meantime? /Kim - Lavasoft Support
  12. Hello I have sent you a PM with details on how to contact Support if you have purchased a Plus or Pro license. Kind regards Kim - Lavasoft Support
  13. lotus47: In Vista, the definitions file is located here: C:\ProgramData\Lavasoft \Ad-Aware\Defs\ /Kim - Lavasoft Support