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  1. Hello, headache: Thank you for your response; it is greatly appreciated. If you don't mind, I have a few follow-up questions: --What are your system hardware specifications? --When you were using version 9.x, did the Ad-Watch system tray icon load up any more quickly than it does in version 8.x? --Did you notice any program features that automatically enabled or disabled, itself? Did you notice such things occurring, after you had modified any settings? --Was the definition update process quicker than in version 8.x? --Specifically, what were the issues you encountered, while using version 9.x? Again, I appreciate your assistance, headache. Thank you.
  2. Go into Ad-Aware and uncheck or disable all Ad-Aware/Ad-Watch services and protection mechanisms, i.e., Ad-Watch "Processes," "Files," "Registry," and "Network" protection mechanisms. Then, close out the program, along with closing out the Ad-Watch tray icon, by right-clicking and selecting "Close" or "Exit." Then, after a few moments, depending on your system hardware, you should not see the "aawservice.exe" in your Task Manager's list of processes. To double-check your configurations, restart your system, log on, and watch your Task Manager's list of processes. Note that the aawservice.exe process may show up, temporarily, but, it should go away, after a few moments. Good luck.
  3. Recently, I rebuilt a Windows XP Professional system and had planned on installing Ad-Aware 8.x (Anniversary Edition), as this has been the build I have stuck with, until the newer releases got "fleshed out." I have read good reviews of Ad-Aware 9.x; but, of course, there have been issues with updating, both with versions 8.x and 9.x. It appears the updating issues have been resolved; however, I am curious to know if there are any other lingering issues with Ad-Aware 9.x. When I first adopted the Anniversary Edition, there were options that would not stay configured, as I had configured them; there were interface issues, along with compatibility issues. Now, I am frustrated with Ad-Aware 8.x's slow loading of the definitions database, as it has become quite large and appears not to be fully optimized, as it takes minutes for my Ad-Watch icon to appear in my system tray. Keep in mind, before updating the definitions, the Ad-Watch icon loaded quite quickly; now, with the updated definitions database, it takes far too long to load in the system tray. I do not anticipate this has been resolved in version 9.x, as this issue has been around for several versions; but, I am interested in some of the newer protection features. Essentially, I want to migrate to the newer version, without experiencing any new headaches, as I know the headaches I have with version 8.x. So, I thought I would post this to everyone in the forum and get everyone's feedback. As always, I appreciate everyone's help. Thank you.
  4. Hello, visitor: Thank you for your quick response. According to my Add/Remove Program's applet, it appears that Ad-Aware AE installed C++ 2008 (Version 9) and not the service pack 1 version. Specifically, this version is listed as version 9.0.30729.01, whereas the service pack 1 version is version 9.0.30729.17. I was asking because I was curious to know if a newer C++ runtime may help Ad-Watch load faster in the system tray, upon system startup. Thank you, visitor, for your assistance and quick response, as always.
  5. Hello: I was curious to know what version of Microsoft C++ is bundled in Ad-Aware AE and later. I have been getting some C++ runtime errors and was curious to know if installing a newer version of the Microsoft C++ runtimes would help, if Ad-Aware AE and later are using some version of C++ prior to the current version of 2008, SP1. Thanks you.
  6. Hello, tafkam: An additional suggestion would be to disable the anti-virus engine of the Ad-Watch component, so as not to conflict with AVG's real-time anti-virus engine. Then, whenever you run a scan with one program, be certain the other program's real-time component is fully disabled, so as not to cause problems. Just a thought...
  7. Hello: I completely agree that it takes too long for the AAWService.exe to fully initialize, upon a system startup. I have also tested Symantec Endpoint Protection, on my system, and it loads up rather quickly. This started being a problem near the end of Ad-Aware SE's lifespan. Like that version, it takes AE and 8.x nearly one minute or longer to fully initialize the AAWService.exe, upon system startup. If one looks at the Task Manager and peak memory usage for the AAWService.exe, when the service has been fully initialized, the peak memory usage has reached over 327 MB! And, while the service is initializing, it hogs up nearly 100% of the CPU. It would be wonderful if Lavasoft would address these issues. I have contacted Lavasoft over these issues, but, never received a resolution. Are others experiencing these issues? Thanks for bringing this to others' attention.
  8. Hello: A while ago, my Ad-Aware Plus client was upgraded, via manually running Web Update, from version 8.0.8 to 8.1.3. A few days ago, when I manually executed Web Update, I noticed that my Ad-Aware client was downgraded from 8.1.3 to a newer "older" version of 8.0.9. My original installation was of Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition (a.k.a. version 8.0.0). I have been hesitant to use Web Update the past few days, not knowing what version change may occur next. Now, with version 8.0.9, what version of Ad-Aware will I automatically get, if I manually run Web Update? Do the volunteers know of any additional changes coming, regarding client upgrades/downgrades of Ad-Aware, originally installed as Anniversary Edition, version 8.0.0? For those who originally installed Anniversary Edition, version 8.0.0, what version of Ad-Aware are you getting from Web Update, today? Thank you.
  9. Hello, visitor: Thank you for the link to FileHippo; I had that one, too--thought you might know of a link pointing to version 8.0.8. But, you do bring up a good point, regarding the nagging. Of course, if you do not open the GUI, you should not see the nag screen. If anyone does have a reliable link to version 8.0.8; please, pass it along. Thank you, too, visitor, for the list of bugs that have been reported for 8.2.1. I would also suggest the following: [list]During a full scan, number of objects scanned not being counted, properly Network Protection incorrectly displaying as "On," within Ad-Aware Plus Full system scans, under Safe Mode, may be taking too long Also, the "CSCxxx.xxx.xxx.sbr.sgn" anti-virus engine updates seem to take quite a long time to install, via Web Update [/list] Thanks, again, for all your assistance, visitor.
  10. Hello, once again, visitor: With all of these issues surrounding 8.2.1, as a person who normally does not jump on the latest version of software, I feel quite disappointed that I decided to migrate to 8.2.1. Actually, I would not have made the leap, if Lavasoft had not push-installed 8.1.3 over my 8.0.8 installation. I believe you had described how to go back to 8.0.8. If I reinstall 8.0, how do I update it only to 8.0.8? I'm assuming the Web Update utility will push me to 8.1.3, again. I believe I may have a copy of the 8.0.7 installer; but, I am unable to find an 8.0.8 installer. I know if I get 8.0.8 installed, I will simply use the "import definitions" option, within the GUI, to only update the definitions and not the client. Finally, can users see this list of reported bugs? It would be helpful to us, as we would know what has and has not already been reported to Lavasoft. I know Lavasoft had touted a new reporting system; but, if it is not visible to users, it is not that helpful. Thank you, again, visitor.
  11. Hello: I have recently upgraded to Ad-Aware Plus 8.2.1 and have noticed that under the Ad-Watch settings detection layer, the Anti-Virus engine continues to re-enable, itself, while I have continued to disable it. A system reboot is not necessary for the Anti-Virus engine detection layer to re-enable itself. And, it appears that closing and reopening the GUI does not, necessarily, cause the Anti-Virus engine Ad-Watch detection layer to re-enable, itself. At this point, I cannot determine what is triggering this behavior. If you notice unusual or unexpected hardware overhead and you have elected to disable this Ad-Watch detection layer, go back into the settings and confirm if this has, indeed, re-enabled, itself. I have reported this to Lavasoft. I would be interested to know if others are experiencing this behavior. This is another reason why I am considering going back to version 8.0.8 or dropping Ad-Aware, altogether. Thank you.
  12. Hello, visitor: According to the scan log, Ad-Aware did scan both my C: and D: drives, with a total of 96,995 objects scanned. I did notice, however, than when the scan first started, the number of objects scanned did not continue counting upwards. At one time, the total number of objects scanned was listed as 600 objects. Then, the number of objects scanned dropped back to 200. Does the number of objects scanned change when the categories change, as in scanning critical areas to scanning files? I do not think the category changed when I noticed this possible discrepancy, however. Is 8.2.1 fully compatible with safe mode? It doesn't make sense that it would take over seven hours to scan under 100,000 objects. Does it? Thanks.
  13. Hello: Having just installed 8.2.1, yesterday, I am continuing to feel my way around this new version. Today, for the second time, when I conducted a Web Update, I noticed the customary definitions were downloaded. Then, I noticed several "updates," indicated by "CSC39-EN-xxx.xxx.sbr.sgn." Having just installed this version, I am curious to know if this is now customary when updating version 8.2.1 or is this Lavasoft updating and patching this client, since they are still trying to work the bugs out. When the Web Update application indicates that it is applying these updates, it takes longer than simply installing the customary definitions; so, I am curious to know if this is part of the new anti-virus engine or if it is actually updating the client, itself, although, my client still shows that it is version 8.2.1. Thank you.
  14. I have always conducted full Ad-Aware scans in safe mode and they would normally take between two and three hours to complete, including the anti-virus engine during the scans. Yesterday evening, after conducting a fresh, clean install of Ad-Aware 8.2.1 and completely updating the client, I conducted my first full scan, in safe mode, using the anti-virus engine. It took seven hours, six minutes and nineteen seconds (7:06:19), finding three cookies. Are others experiencing this much longer scan time when conducting scans with 8.2.1? One thing I am wondering about is if during a full scan, the older clients were actually scanning both of my locally-installed hard drives, as I have two internal hard drives. Is it possible that 8.2.1 is the first client to actually scan [i]both[/i] of my internal hard drives? Thanks.
  15. Hello, visitor: I just updated Ad-Aware 8.2.1 and restarted the system and yes, the Network Protection module is still displaying that it is "On." I guess we'll wait for an update to fix this GUI bug. Thanks.