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  1. Same issue here. The *only* reason there is to upgrade to the paid version was for the real-time protection features. Since these can't be enabled without being able to register, and they've broken the registration process, I think all current paid users should be given a refund AND a free year when they fix it for all this trouble. I've lost count as to how many times I've un-installed and reinstalled this product. Each time I have to close all open programs, etc., which costs me time which costs me MONEY. The worst part is...Ad-Aware has always been a great product. Sad to see their paranoia cripple a good product. And after reading this thread, I'm even more pissed that tech support has WASTED MY TIME, sending me an unlock code and having me -yet again- un-install and reinstall the *&^% thing. If this process hasn't worked for anyone else, why would it work for me? All they've done is waste my time.
  2. This is not a resolved issue for me: I can not delete a scheduled scan. I have followed the suggestions in the above referenced thread. In my: Documents and Settings/UserName/Application Data/Lavasoft/Ad-Aware folder, there wasn't a "schedule.aaw" file. In the "All Users" Application Data there was no Lavasoft folder, and the file "schedule.aaw" it doesn't exist anywhere on my computer. And yet, there is still a scan that I can not delete. I am still not able to register my product, though it was paid for in June (Support ticket submitted, waiting for reply), *and* I am unable to turn on real-time protection because my product is not registered. Version: 0015.0000 OS: XP Professional, SP2, updated and patches current
  3. I'm having the same problem, and have emailed support, but was hoping to find the solution in the forums, since so many others seem to be having the same problem. Exactly what is to be accomplished by visiting the support center? I logged in to the support center, I see my license listed, but I still can't register my product (though I could have sworn it *was* registered when I first purchased it in June). I have uninstalled the product, ran a registry cleaner to wipe out all leftover reg entries, reinstalled v 7.0.16. The install went fine, it is now authenticating, which it wasn't prior to uninstall/reinstall...though both times under "License Status" it lists that my license renews in 306 days, so it must *somehow* be seeing my product has a valid license! I am still, however, unable to register. Even after typing in the serial number in the correct box, I get an error saying my serial number is not valid. The FAQ's said if you get an error, keep trying. I have tried 4 really *shouldn't* take more than once, and certainly not with an "invalid serial number" error.