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  1. will the last one here, please turn out the lights?
  2. "...we had more interest in our new product than expected..." sounds like code for "recent releases have been as buggy as hell...," since "interest" in software that IS problem-free doesn't require the attention of tech support! Anyone know if definitions can be updated on older versions? Doesn't look good when no one can even monitor the forum... --pants
  3. Looks like LavaSoft is a ghost ship now...anyone there? I'm just trying to get the FREE version to work, along with a number of others...if I'd PAID for it, I'd have disputed the purchase already. (trying not to think about the fact that I got into this to stop MSIE--which I don't even USE--from opening and waving popups in front of my face, and that this crap has now led to yet another problem to solve...)
  4. hmm...wonder what "terminating clumsily" would look like...
  5. Just downloaded this same 6000 error, after a request for my registration code. Also had the software appear to crash 2-3 times ("encountered a problem and needs to close...") I uninstalled/redownloaded/reinstalled and again had an immediate 6000 error, again accompanied by a request for my registration number--but...it's freeware, right?! No perceptible "run" occurred; this was, on all occasions, immediate. Running XPpro, FF2.0.0.6 --pants