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  1. weaktrend: Thank you very much for this piece of advice. For some odd reason I actually had to make this change twice (the registry entries apparently resurrected themselves the first time for no apparent reason), however after doing so things are working fine. I can turn the firewall on and off at will, which has allowed me to put another one it it's place. *cough cough* .... without crashing and burning the system. Much thanks!
  2. Hey guys, so I reformatted recently, and installed windows fresh. I've run all the updates (well, excluding one for my integrated vid card which crashes the system). So feel free to think of this as a Windows XP SP2 system that's current on it's updates. Now, I figured I didn't want to let things go for too long before changing my firewall away from the standard windows firewall, but admittedly this computer has been in use for about two weeks on this fresh install, and has been running windows firewall. So thinking I was about to install this far better firewall I trust far more, I go to turn it off, and discover that I can't. The radio buttons next to the "On (recommended)" and "Off (not recommended)" have been disabled, with On still selected. I've done a few things with it in the time this install has been in use, and never saw that. I noticed one more addition as well ... "For your security, some settings are controlled by Group Policy" up at the top of the WF settings. Additionally, I can't control what network connections it's active for. I thought group policy was used for system administrators maintaining multiple machines, but had no clue really, so looked at the Help and Support bit of windows ... only to find that articles on it tell me that it's not a part of my OS, so it's missing from the help. So how do I turn off the firewall, preferably not by crippling it, and are there other things that group policy is limiting my control of? Can any other such limitations be resolved? I saw a few threads in here that looked similar, but links talking about using the group policy controls do me no good as I can't find any such controls, and my documentation says group policy isn't in my OS. Thanks for any help, it'll be greatly appreciated! ~~~~System~~~~ 2.53ghz Intel Celeron 1gig RAM Intel 82865G Graphics Controller (onboard graphics, so sad) Win XP Home SP2 Yes, the computer in question in a dell, darn. If any other system info is needed, let me know.