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  1. yeah, thanks for all your help i guess i'll wait till ls finally releases the vista x64 compatible 2007 version of ad-aware. spybot will have to keep my sys clean until then. but anyway -> thank you
  2. checked. doesn't work. well, i mean there's no difference to the version guid scanning != progress ...
  3. hey guys, it still won't work with my vista ultimate x64. even the 2 work-arounds have no effect. as soon as the scanner reaches guid scanning it's over...hmkay, looks like i have to be a bit patient till ls releases the fully x64 compatible verison.... but thx anyway for your help!
  4. hi @ all though the latest release of ad-aware should be working with vista, i'm not sure if this includes vista's 64-bit versions. i performed a full-system-scan or deep-analyis or however it's called and after about 3 hours not responding, i chose to eliminate the process. after that i performed a smart scan and had the same result. the problem occurs in the guid-scanning-part... does anybody has a solution or knows my problem? thx!