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  1. Should I remove program and then go and re-download it again?

  2. Serious help needed. Downloaded ad-aware 2007 free last night and ran a scan. Scan took a loooong time and when done there were 9100 critical items. Went to remove and got a popup saying that it could not contact server or something to that effect and then 'terminated gracefully' . Well, that is an awful nice wording to a frustrating time, I'll say that. Soooo.....went to desktop to start it again and received a popup saying that there is an error and it asked if I was logged on as another user. So I restarted pc and then the startup worked ok. Ran ANOTHER scan and came up with 8500 critical items............clicked remove and it did the same theing!!! 'terminated gracefully'. By this time I was not so graceful and I did the whole thing over again and ran a smart scan this time instead of full scan. And AGAIN 'terminated gracefully'. By now grace is out the window and I went to the support page. Guess what............I can't log on because LS can't find my email address THAT I USED LAST NIGHT to get this whole thing downloaded. So now I can't even get to the support dept for help!!!! I can't log on!! Hopefully this forum works for me..........