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  1. I would recommened that your email address would be removed from your post, to save it getting picked up and used to send spam to.... Now, what file was corrupt? I'm guessing it is a file that Ad-aware finds? And are you saying that you edited the registry? Anyway.... Try to give us abit more information
  2. CJ I have total respect for you, and all the work you have done over the years. I know you are a dedicated Ad-aware fan, but i pity you. You are working so hard, by yourself on the HJT logfiles. (And if I could read HJT logfiles I would help you) There was no explaination of why the sudden refferal to HJT, and from this I saw it as more work being created for you (You are single handedly running their HJT forum), and therefore the reason why I asked for why the lack of their own application use. I appologise for causing offence to you, I sincerly didn't mean to. Please, if you feel that if my post should be removed, please do so. Best Wishes to you CalamityJane and your family. em6018; Stick near CalamityJane, she knows all
  3. This is interesting. A support forum for a Lavasoft products, which can create logfiles about a computer system, but the board is more popular of another application, that is not Lavasoft owned, and which can create the same basic information that Ad-aware can, (Most infections can be removed from the information that is shown in a Ad-aware logfile, more advanced infections, normally result in HJT removal, though Ad-aware can usually remove parts of infections, which helps limit HJT usage) So whats happening? If there is a problem with a user, that a FAQ article hasn't be created about, do they automatically get referred to HJT? I just hope that Lavasoft realises to include the features that HJT offers its users, in Ad-aware 2004
  4. If Steve's suggestion doesn't work, try following these instructions: -------------------------------- Can you try running a scan with Ad-Aware SE and when the shutdown countdown starts cancel the shutdown command. Click on Start then select Run, type in this bold but do not click OK yet. shutdown -a Now start Ad-Aware SE and click on the global icon to run a web update to make sure you have the latest definitions file. Now start the scan running and return to that run command you opened above. As soon as you see that shutdown message appear click on OK to launch the shutdown -a command. This will abort the shutdown.
  5. This might help, found this in the FAQ's of the website: "I changed my e-mail address, how do I update my registration information? Please contact our Distributor Element 5 for assistance: Customer service USA (Language: English) Element 5 9625 West 76th Street, Suite 150 Eden Prairie, MN 55344, USA Tel.: +1.952.646.5593 or +1.877.546.3818 Fax: +1.952.646.4552 Customer service Germany (Languages: German/English/French/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese) Element 5 AG Vogelsanger Straße 78 50823 Cologne, Germany Tel.: +49.221.31088.30 Fax: +49.221.31088.29
  6. Your in good hands, Just follow Corrine's advise below!
  7. Hi Bob. Firstly, do you have Ad-aware and Anti-virus software installed? If you think you are infected with a virus, please could you scan your computer with one of the following Online AV's: Panda Symantec McAfee TrendMicro Recommended F-secure Keep us updated. Regards, Andy :angry: @Moderator, I would suggest the removal of the link in the topic description to keep other users away from that site.
  9. This post might help:"Why does Ad-Aware freeze during a scan?"
  10. 4 minutes difference! , Corrine got there first, so i have removed my reply
  11. @LS AndreasB Actually, "Members" can not change their display name. There is no option in our control panel, therefore the permission has disabled for our user group. @Ming_Toi_Rappaport If this option is not made avaliable, you shall have to contact an Administrator regarding the name change.
  12. As I don't agree with people not being answered, I am going to try my best at helping you I found this on the Lavasoft website "What languages does Ad-Aware support? Ad-Aware is available in the following languages: English, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, French, Italy, German, Portuguese and Spanish. "