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  1. I am a system admin and I was at my sister's house this weekend. She is reporting the SAME problem. However, no one has intentionally installed a keylogger. She believes it happened while her son downloaded something from Limewire as well. I took a look at her system pretty throughly and it appears that this keylogger "uses" the Pc Pandora and has been repackaged with another name and then it installs on the users PC unknowingly. Seeing that the 2 messages in this forum has had over 1000 views tells me something nasty is happening besides people installing this intentionally on their pc or people spying on each other. PCPandora has 1 problem with their software. If they want to catch someone doing something on a computer then WHY do they have a RED dot broadcasting it to the possible perp? If the possible perp sees that red dot then they will STOP all activity if they are doing some bad. Duh. Could you please post a definite instruction list for removal for this on your forum? Something that everyone can use instead of having to read clear through the forum. Here are some general tips for all users: 1. Rename your admin account on your pc. 2. Use a LONG passcode using numbers, letters, caps and characters. 3. DO NOT surf the web or download using your pc's ADMIN account. Create an unlimited account. Especially for the children. 4. Try not to download illegal stuff from LIMEWIRE. 5. Disable the guest account. For those that do not know how to rename the admin account or disable your guest account. Then google it and find a web site with clear instructions. Mary