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  1. Thanks, that really helped! Now it seems to be starting nicely. Let's find out tonight if it finds anything interesting on my HD... Many thanks! /Bjomo
  2. I've discovered an entry in Windows Defender log about aawservice.exe not behaving properly... Tried to deactivate runtime protection but the error remains...
  3. (Screen shots from Vista Business in swedish) Error message says AAW2007 Pro stopped working... I've downloaded AAW 2007 Free... ??? Service seems to be running properly... Installation did not fail according to the screen... Log book says "Felet uppstod i programmet Ad-Aware2007.exe, version, tidsstämpel 0x46d2911d, felet uppstod i modulen unknown, version, tidsstämpel 0x00000000, undantagskod 0xc0000096, felförskjutning 0x00163aa8, process-ID 0x1b8, programmets starttid 0x01c7fa2533cb784f." If you don't like the language perhaps the information "Exception code 0xc0000096" is useful?
  4. I have the same problem as SG Hollywood. I run Vista Business edition 32 bit version (and yes only for personal use) and have tried to download and run Ad-Aware 2007 Free Installation succeeded but program won't run. I have downloaded the program three times and the .exe is ecactly the same all three times. If it helps I use Eset Nod32 antivirus and the firewall included in the Windows package. I have not yet tried to inactivate them for security reasons. Any help is useful! Thanks!