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  1. thanks for the help, much appreciated....I have carried out the above so will see how it goes...
  2. aawservice.exe is using 70 - 100% cpu with adaware closed. When I try to kill it it restarts. This is extremely annoying as my pc slows to a stop. Please advise me as to how I can prevent this service from running when my pc boots or how to kill it once the pc is running. system details: windows xp home amd athlon 1800xp 1gb ram 160gb hdd adaware 2007 free version Also, I use commodo firewall and every so often it won't let adaware 2007 update. I have shut down the firewall to do this despite the firewall being set up to allow adaware access to the update server. Didn't have this problem with previous version of adaware. Also can we please have an update progress bar? At the moment you start the update and adaware just sits there. The only time you know the update is finished is when a wee box pops up.