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  1. Okay, here's my report.... I still got the 1814 error and not able to open Ad Aware BUT after 2nd attempt to open it, I managed to do that. But I'm unable to update (not all the time, meaning sometimes I can update) and I NOW get the error 6100! When I Googled it, apparently a lot of people get the 1814 and 6100 errors. What is happening here? Why there is so much flaws in this version of Ad Aware? And yes, I do have latest version (
  2. Thanks, I will try this although I'm not sure what version I'm using sinci I couldn't open my Ad Aware now (from the 1814 error)
  3. The popup also ask me if I'm running Ad aware as another user? What is happening here? Can anybody help?
  4. I guess still no attention from 'Lavasoft tech guy' (hehe...don't know how to put it) and we just have to wait till someone pay us attention....
  5. I also have to verify (no idea how) that I have sufficient privileges to start system service to go on with the installation. But I do logged on as an administrator so how can this happen and what can I do? I'm running on Win XP SP2. Anybody can help? Thanks in advance.