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  1. Same here, thanks. I still hope there'll be a permanent solution one day, though.
  2. Still nothing new. But no sweat, I'll just use the workaround for the moment and keep updating. One of these days it'll work again. Rgds, hoger
  3. Nope. Still crashing here, even with update 0029.0000. Rgds, hoger
  4. Thanks, it looks like I can confirm this. I'm not sure if it's possible to "un-vaccinate" Opera in Spybot S&D, so I ran an AdAware smart scan with Opera vaccinated: AdAware crashed. Then I unchecked Opera in Spybot's protection list, updated the browser to version 9.24 and vaccinated the system excluding Opera. Another AdAware smart scan worked without problems. I checked Opera in the Spybot list and vaccinated, and AdAware crashed again. Vaccination of Firefox, Seamonkey and IE doesn't seem to make a difference; once Opera is cleared, AdAware can handle the rest.
  5. I'm running Opera 9.23, revision 8808. Other software: antivirus Avast 4.7.1043 Home Edition, Jetico Personal Firewall, Spybot Search & Destroy w/TeaTimer, Spyware Terminator w/ClamAV. All of these programs have been running on my machines for quite a while side by side w/AdAware. On my desktop (where the latest crash occurred), Spyware Terminator has replaced installations of MS Windows Defender (which I tried to deactivate—I am not sure that I suceeded) and of Pest Patrol 2005 which I have uninstalled (but can't exclude that the installation left traces behind). On my laptop—to my knowledge—Windows Defender and Pest Patrol have never been installed. Rgds, Hoger
  6. Here we go again. Ad-Aware announced another software update, downloaded and installed something (not sure what exactly)—and started choking on the Opera profile again. Good news is that I managed to get a crash dump now. After 3 failed attempts to attach it to this post, I uploaded it to homepages.internet.lu/hgerbig/AdAware.zip. (Please let me know when you retrieved it, so I can delete it; it takes up a lot of space. Rgds, Hoger
  7. Well, as far as I am concerned, I think this string can be closed. I still don't know what happened, but the problem seems to have taken care of itself. I have successfully run several scans over the last two or three days (smart and complete), and I have never had any problems again. And for the record, no Opera wasn't running on my machines either during the scans. Thanks anyway. Hoger
  8. No luck for the moment; the scan just went smoothly without crashing the program (which might actually be a good sign). I'll give it another try on the other machine tomorrow. If you can tell me where I might find the dump file, I can try to locate it anyway. I've already tried to run a search, but all I found were .mdmp files apparently made by Avast 4,and the latest one was albout three weeks old, so that wasn't it. Rgds, Hoger
  9. Thanks for your answer. I'm running Opera 9.23 Revision 8808 under WinXP SP 2 with JRE 1.6. And yes, my current version of Ad-Aware is, so I suppose it was that software update. I didn't pay attention at the time of the update because I obviously did not expect a problem, but it was the last update I made. The screenshots are attached. The first one is only the Windows error message, the second one is Ad-Aware's. I hope this will help you; if you need any other info let me know, I'll be happy to help as best I can. Hoger
  10. Hi, I'm running Ad-Aware 2007 on two different XP SP2 machines. Since the last update (last night), Ad-Aware keeps crashing when it tries to scan my Opera browser profile (smart scan): "Service Error: 6100 has occurred. Description: Lost connection with Ad-Aware service. Terminating gracefully …" This is new, has never happened before. Are these inter-Scandinavian animosities taken out on the customers? And what can I do about it? Thanks for your help, Hoger