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  1. Hi, timauluck, there's a whole bunch of questions there that many people would want answers to! To help you I'll need to take a look at the logfile Ad-Aware Se can produce, so please follow these instructions: Could you please set up Ad-Aware SE as follows: Before performing a scan, be sure that you have the most recent definitions file by using WebUpdate. (Click on the Globe icon, Click on connect, Click OK, Click Finish.) Please set up the Configurations (Gear wheel at the top) as follows: General Button > Safety & Settings: Check (Green) all three. Advanced Button > Logfile Detail Level: All options under this should be checked (Green). Tweak Button > Log Files: Please check (Green) only: • Include basic Ad-Aware settings in logfile • Include additional Ad-Aware settings in logfile • Include reference summary in log file Click on Proceed Click on "Scan Now". Please deselect "Search for negligible risk entries" as negligible risk entries are not considered to be a threat. Run the scanner using the Full Scan (Perform full system scan) mode. At the result window, please select Tracking Cookies only (if present) which are always safe to remove, & click on Remove Selected Items. Ignore any other items found. Run the scanner again using the Full Scan (Perform full system scan) mode. When the scan has completed, click "Show Logfile". Do not quarantine or remove anything at this time. Copy the entire logfile to your clipboard (you will know you are at the end when you see the "Summary of this scan" information right at the bottom) Then post the logfile into this thread, please don't start another one! I'll take a look and advise accordingly, OK.