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  1. Hello Corrine, and thank you for your response. I will create a shortcut onto my desktop as you suggest, and perhaps in the future release of Ad-Aware, you would consider a logviewer for us "automatic guys"
  2. I am looking for a scan log viewer for Ad-Aware. I know you can veiw it in notepade/wordpad, but is there a program out there that is simple to use and is almost automatic? I mean, I don't want to search for the most recent log and "click, click, click", just a program "click and it is viewed" any suggestion would be most helpful. I have also setup a "DAILY/SMART scan with Windows task and a WEEKLY/FULL scan with Windows task. love it, really simplifies things, just would like to simplify the log views. Thank you again.
  3. Hello everyone. I have been using Adaware for many years now and purchased my copy of SE Plus in 2003. How do I update my registration information and e-mail address to be qualified for any updates/upgrades to Adaware? I have used so many email addresses that I have become confused. I now use a permanent private email address and a permanent public email address. I also use a password storage program to remember it all by.