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  1. Hi Tobias Running XP and I use Mozilla Firefox (mostly) and IE 7. Part of the issues I am having with AA is that my system has been very slow since my re-formatting, and nothing else about my system has changed except for the fact that my computer is now flooded with tracking cookies. That was the foremost reason why I purchased AA originally, and in particular the full version for realtime protection. AA was, at the very least, significantly responsible for keeping all of that stuff off of my PC. It isn't now, and that's what led me to post here. After checking ad watch, the event log and recent events show nothing. That in itself is of concern.
  2. Hi - I'm a newbie to the forum but a longtime user of the free version of AA and recently a paid subscriber. I want to explain this situation as best as I possibly can. I had to format my hard drive recently and re-install XP and of course Ad Aware 7. Since then, I have had nothing but ineffectiveness with using it. I had Ad Aware as well as Ad Watch 7 running realtime protection. Since I purchased AA 7 and in particular had Ad Watch and before my hard drive reformat, I would get, at most, two infections (sometimes not even one) if I ran a full system scan. Here is my first issue: When I load up Ad Aware (not Ad Watch) I get the main window that pops up. Everything looks o.k., but "Realtime Protection" shows a red "X" that lasts for about 3 to 4 sec. Then it turns to a green checkmark. I don't know why Realtime Protection "check" lags, since it didn't seem to do this before (as far as I remember, anyway) but this might at least partly relate to my other problem below I ran a full system scan of ad aware about an hour and a half ago. I had 68 infections found. I just did another scan just before posting this and even after only allowing the scan to run halfway, there were 76 new infections! I can now expect to find at least 40 infections no matter when I do an Ad Aware scan. I find that absurd. I just don't know what needs to be done but I am kind of dismayed at the fact that I paid for software that at this point appears to be defective. If anyone can help, that would be very much appreciated!