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  1. I, too, am having slow scan time with 8.1.3. I'm running XP SP3, 200gb hd, 2 gb ram, Trend Micro Internet Security 2010 and it take 3:48 for a full scan. On two Vista computers, both 300gb HD, dual core processors, 3gb ram, Trend Micro Internet Security 2010, full scan time 3:15, so what is going on, about ready to switch to Malwarebytes. KDW220
  2. I am running Xp sp3, 2gb ram and both the profile and full scan takes 4 hours plus! What is going on?
  3. Hello, Having the same problem here, when I try to update my Vista 32 bit running trend micro internet security 2009, it says "connection error, check your settings." I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling with trend micro turned off, I've checked my settings, nothing is wrong with my computer, but the ad-aware ae def file is 0144 instead of 0146. I finally gave up and put ad-aware 2008 back on my computer. If you have any suggestions that won't wipe out my computer, please respond. Thanks, kim
  4. When I try to update on my Vista 32bit, Running Trend Micro Internet Security 2009, it say connection error, check settings. It has run fine since I installed it last week. Please help! Kim
  5. Hi Casey, I'm having the same problem, Windows vista 32bit, suddenly today, says connection error, check settings. I have Trend Micro Internet Security 2009 on the computer, and it has worked fine until today. Please help! Kim
  6. DDon, I am so sorry, I don't know what to tell you! I checked, all my documents are still there, and system restore it still there. Nothing has changed on my computer. Kim
  7. Hi Guys, I updated and ran a new scan on my xp sp3, 200 gb hard drive, 2gb ram, here are the new statistics: Full Scan now: 1:08 Full Scan before: 3:45 Objects Scanned: 98197 Objects scanned before: 98197 Everything worked for me including the fix button.
  8. I'm running xp sp3, 200 gb hard drive and 2 gb of memory, with Ad-aware 2008 a full scan took 1:45 with Ad-aware AE it took 3:45. I'm leaving 2008 on my vista laptop, these times are crazy!
  9. Hi StevieP, I hope that's not the choice you have to make. I didn't put the Norton Systemworks back on because I didn't use it. I switched to Trend Micro last year after my son's computer crashed because of Norton's. The guy who fixed his computer said it is hard uninstall Norton products and he prefers AVG or TRend Micro. I chose Trend Micro, and basically deactivated the virus scan on Systemworks. Now I've uninstalled it completely. I don't know what else to tell you, but if you need me, holler on a email. Kim ps the tech who helped me is TXNNOK
  10. Hi JB, I got mine working, here's how, I had Norton's systemwork on my computer, but I didn't really use it since I have Trend Micro Internet Security 2008 on it also. TXN I can't remember the rest of his logon name, looked at my Hijack This log and saw the NProtect. He had me uninstall the Norton's, run C-Cleaner to make sure I got rid of all traces of Norton's, restart my computer, and run a full scan. It worked! I've run two full scans to make sure it was working. So if you have Norton's on your computer, that might be the problem. I think AVG causes some problems also. Hope this helps, Kim
  11. I put the settings back to where they were, crossed my fingers and ran a full scan, it worked!!!!!!Yippee!!!!!!! Thanks so much, Kim
  12. Okay, I uninstalled Norton's and it ran a full scan all the way through!!!!!!! I'll try it again to make sure. Kim
  13. It will run a smart scan, I can't do a custom scan unless I upgrade. Kim
  14. Okay, I tried your suggestions, still froze while deep scanning registry. I did uncheck deep scanning in archives and to skip files larger than 15,000 . Do you want me to uninstall Norton System works or leave since it's in the log? Kim